Finding Humor on the Farm

Humor. I think that might be my new middle name! It seems I try to find the humor in many things around the farm.
The night before I took the pigs to get butchered, my husband and children were loading them into our old rusty trailer. Now, I’m not sure if you have ever been a part of this glorious experience, but, this one was one to remember. I was taking care of my little baby boy, Titus, so I was not out there helping them this time around. As I was cleaning the kitchen up after dinner, my family was at the barn trying to load those pigs.

Now, mind you, we didn’t have a shute or anything of the sort to make loading easier, they just grabbed them from the small pasture and drug, led, rode, whatever it took to get those big guys in the trailer!  I must say, I did feel a little guilty washing dishes while they were out there.  It seemed to take forever to load those pigs!  At the sink, I could hear distant squeals and yelling, more squeals and yelling, you get the picture. Oh my!  For me to find humor inside the house was quite easy after I got over feeling guilty!  I envisioned my kids in a regular pig rodeo out there!

Needless to say, my husband and oldest daughter came in with torn pants. My other daughter and two sons ventured in with dirt and grass in their hair! I’m sure it wasn’t too funny for them at the time. But, Mama didn’t have any difficulty finding it quite hilarious!
Finding humor on the farm is essential! We shouldn’t look at these “frustrating circumstances” and grumble. It is a part of life on the farm. It’s going to happen at some point in time, so why not make it bearable or even enjoyable by exposing some humor in these situations.  When I am disappointed or aggravated because the cows jumped the fence yet again, my children are watching and in turn, they get grouchy and frustrated.  Sometimes you have to force a smile through gritted teeth and say, “Son, get the gun.  Let’s have sirloin steaks a little early!”

The pigs in this picture were the actual rodeo culprits!  They look a little guilty, don’t you think?

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