Extra Sweet Pumpkins, Squash and Oh So Good Seeds!

  If you like to try different pumpkins and squash, but aren’t sure which ones are tasty and sweet, read on!  I found these varieties in Mother Earth News along with some very tasty roasted seed ideas.

Pumpkin varieties that are known for their sweetness are:


                                                                 Galeux d’Eysines



                                                              Marina di Chioggia


                                                                     Sugar Pie

  Squash varieties with sweet flesh include:

                                                                  Blue Hokkaido


                                                                       Red Kuri


                                                                      Sweet Meat

                                                              Waltham Butternut

    Try these yummy roasted squash and pumpkin seed ideas!

  For a sweet tasting seed, toss the seeds in honey, then add cinnamon and sugar.

  If you like a little kick, try tossing the seeds in olive oil, then sprinkle cayenne pepper, paprika, salt and pepper

  My favorite:  Melted butter with minced garlic and sea salt.

  Just roast the seeds at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 10-15 minutes and toss them a couple of times for an even roast, and there you have it!

  How do you like your seeds roasted?

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5 comments on “Extra Sweet Pumpkins, Squash and Oh So Good Seeds!

  1. LOVE your blog! I look forward to reading more and learning lots. I so wish we lived on a piece of land somewhere, but, atlas, we are in suburbs with lots of neighbors and we are thankful. I love to cook from scratch, though, and am always looking for more ideas.

  2. Thanks for your comment! Cooking from scratch is becoming a lost art, and even though you do not have land, you are being more self-sustainable than the majority! I hope you continue to enjoy reading my blog. It is at the beginning stages so I really appreciate comments, especially good ones!

  3. Hi Niki, so glad you stopped by! Yes, we are GMO free. I love the different varieties of winter squash and pumpkins as well. It is tempting to overdo it in my garden! I look forward to checking out your blog!

  4. Hello mam, I so much Love and enjoy your wonderful Blog. It's so heart felt, and Loving, I Love the farm life which I've always desired. I always enjoy doing homey things for my home the old fashioned way, and I Love the Holy Ghost feeling that I get from your site, and it's just so much that I enjoy as a country girl. Thanks so much for sharing, and I will most definitely visit it more and more for ideas, and clues to help me. I also pray that it takes of as a wonderful blessing to you.

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