Why Goats?

There are some who think of goats as a poor man’s animal, but, in reality, they are quite useful on the farm.  Plus, you just can’t ignore their personalities, for they possess their own unique way to interact with others.

We have LaMancha goats, one of the few known breeds that originated here in America.  They are noticed for their tiny ears.  We get a lot of questions at fair time about this unique quality.  Some look at us with raised eyebrows and judgemental eyes, and ask why we cut their ears!

LaManchas are more docile than most breeds, which is one of the reasons we chose them.  They also give a good amount of milk, averaging 1/2-1 gallon a day, plenty for our family and then some to make yogurt, cheese, soap and lotion!

Goats are perfect for those who do not have a lot of acreage.  You can put an average of seven goats to an acre but only one milk cow per acre.  They are also less intimidating to some who are a little bit leery of larger animals.

If you are thinking about getting goats, I would recommend Natural Goat Care by Pat Coleby.  She gives an in depth view on everything from mineral requirements to kidding (giving birth).  She also gives you many natural resources to treat goats which I have found very useful.  For example, we have had a lot of problems with mastitis, where the udder gets hard and infected.  After researching through her book, I found that my lactating does needed more dolomite.  Once we gave them dolomite in their feed, our mastitis problems declined noticeably.  If you don’t like to use conventional drugs such as antibiotics, I highly recommend this book.  Click on the picture for more info.

We love our goats!


2 comments on “Why Goats?

  1. We have a lamancha milker too. I love her and her quiet personality. We also have three Boer goats, two does and a buck. I am against giving animals antibiotics since I plan on eating them or products from them(milk. I try and use natural things too. Tea tree oil has become a household staple.
    Loving goats too!

  2. Wow, 7 goats to 1 acre? That's pretty neat. We only have 2 acres total. Although I'd LOVE to own a Jersey I know that there just isn't enough space to realistically have one.
    I am seriously considering getting a dairy goat but I'd say 99% of the goat milk I've tried tastes…. like a goat! I can't seem to get past it. Blah!

    I keep coming across people who say that "their" goat milk tastes no different than cows milk. I am skeptical! But, having a large family (we have 11 children) is definitely an encouragement to have as many things on our property we can eat, etc.

    What advice would you give?

    Thanks so much,
    Janet.. mamachildress

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