Try Your Hand at Drying Flowers!

I love dried flowers and the endless possibilities of beautiful dried flower arrangements.  My daughter and I started drying flowers last year and loved the results!  We dried sunflowers, zinnia, wild seedpods and different types of white flowers we found in our hayfield and backyard.  I often look at dried flower books at the library and dream of creating some magnificent masterpieces!  

  Some excellent flowers to dry are statice, larkspur, strawflower, lavender, cornflower and yarrow for starters.  The varieties for drying are extensive, but these are some of the easiest.  We found that the simplest way to dry them is hanging the longer stemmed, smaller flower types upside down in a dry, dark room.  For the larger flower heads, like zinnias and sunflowers, using silica gel and microwaving them to speed up the drying process works best.

  Check out these different ideas and get your creative juices flowing!  Remember, you don’t have to use what is pictured hear.  Try what you have on hand already or what you can easily obtain.  Take a walk outside and I’m sure you will at least find a filler to use.

I love the dried corn. You could use practically any sturdy stems for the border.

Raffia ribbon gives it that primitive touch.

Using a cheese greater is such a creative idea!

So simple, yet so elegant!

 One leaf can be so pretty!


                                       Ahhhhh, I love lavender!  You just can’t go wrong!
  If you would like to learn more about drying flowers, your local library probably has books available.  Here are some other possibilities below.




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  1. Susie,I have tried to do some of these years ago using dried lovelies I would find. I did make quite a few things, some nice and some ending up looking like a first attempt, but It did bring joy and made great gifts for my mom 🙂
    Thank you for linking up. Hope this will inspire someone b/c it is something that is inexpensive and makes our homes more festive!! Tell tony and the young'uns hello!

  2. Hi! I'm visiting from the Blog Bash.

    My mom used to dry flowers all the time when I was little. One of these days, I'll have a garden with something other than tomatoes, haha.

    Rachel @

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