And the Winner is…….

Two days ago I listed some how-to videos and written series possibilities that I would like to share in the near future.  But, I needed some input on what others thought of these possibilities, and which one they would like to see or read first.  Those who commented were entered into winning two bars of my goat’s milk soap.

The response was awesome and I want to thank each of you for leaving a comment.  If I could, I would send you all a bar of soap!  But, there is only one winner…….

Twinkle Mom!!!!  Congratulations!

So, I’m sure you are all waiting in suspense for which how-to video or written series will be featured first, right?  Well, I was giddy with excitement to read your own excitement in your comments!  There was interest in all of the topics, which is wonderful!

Some of you voted for more than one possibility, so my husband and I gave the second choice a half point, and the first choice being one point.

The top three choices were:

1.  Making goat’s milk soap video tutorial

2.  Canning video tutorial

3.  Making goat’s milk lotion video tutorial

Goats 101 and Making Money on Your Farm were both a close fourth place.

For those of you who voted on something that did not place, don’t worry, it will still be on here eventually.  So, check back often!

It looks like I better get to work on a soap video!

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