Making Money Mondays on Your Peace of Heaven

This is our puppy, on set of an upcoming Disney movie in Canada!

Look alive everybody!  It’s Making Money Mondays’ introduction!  I have to apologize for not posting lately, as I have been busy with preparing for one of my little entrepreneurial money making weekends.  If you are interested in making a little (or a lot) of money, read on and I will explain what Making Money Mondays is all about!

As an entrepreneur, I am always thinking of ways to make a little money, well, ok, more than a little!  My desire to generate some income from our farm is never ending!  I devour farm business books and jump on a chance to chat with a fellow farming entrepreneur.  I have put some of these ideas to practice, others are tucked away somewhere in my brain, maybe they will never resurface, maybe I will pull one off of my many shelves to rethink it’s possibility.

If you are like me, the idea of making a comfortable living from the farm is a dream, an attainable dream that is.  Although my husband and I are not there yet, we believe, with God’s help and blessing, it can be done.  Only through Him can we make this happen.

So, on Making Money Mondays, I will give you one entrepreneurial idea for you to read about and ponder over.  Most of these ideas do pertain to having a little bit of land, but I will also post cottage industry possibilities that can be done right in your home.  Opportunities abound and I want to open the doors to different possibilities for you.  Even if you are just looking to make a little side money and not necessarily a full time gig, these ideas will apply to you as well. 

First, I will give you an overview of each topic.  Then, I will suggest book/s that pertain to each topic so that you can delve into each one a little bit more if you’d like.  In some instances, I will be interviewing real people and sharing their story with you.

I hope you will join me as we discover new possibilities to earn some income from your piece of heaven!  If you are totally new to this “agripreneur” road, I suggest you read, “You Can Farm,” by Joel Salatin.  If he can’t get you pumped up about making some money on your farm, no matter what avenue you take, no one can!  This was actually the first book I read that gave me a passion for being an entrepreneur on our little piece of heaven!   Here is what he said,

“It doesn’t matter what your background, your socioeconomic status, your age or your current living condition; if you have a yearning in your soul to grow things and minister healthy food to people, to live an agrarian life with your children and grandchildren playing around your feet, then an opportunity exists for you.

Write down your dreams.  Write them down often.  Speak of them to your relatives and friends.  Seek out people who share those dreams; ignore those who do not.  Don’t spend time with naysayers.  As your vision becomes your passion, dreams will give place to reality.  My prayer is that together we can help this happen for you.”

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I couldn’t have said it better myself!  It is always wise to talk to those who share your entrepreneurial passion!  You will get naysayers and they will try to discourage you!  But, keep your eye on the prize.

Will you join me on this exciting journey that might open a door for you?  This is my passion and I want to share with you what I have learned.

I would love to hear where your interests lie.  What type of money-making ideas would you like to learn more about?  You can comment below.

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  1. I am a new follower – looking forward to reading more – we also have a small 7 acre farm and have recently started milking our own nigerian dwarf dairy goats – Salad Bar Beef by Joel Salatin is also great to read! We worm our cows, GLD, and goats using his method of classic Shaklee Basic H – we are also Shaklee distributors and are making a income from home with that – we love our little peice of land and our goal is that in the near future hubby can quit his job and we can provide all our needs from our farm and Shaklee home busines! i also love and have many perennial beds – another goal is to have people come look and tell me what plants they want – I could dig the starts right then to sell – please visit me at

  2. I would love to know how you went about selling your soap. We just butchered turkeys today. We sell ours $1.50lb. I enjoy sewing, I'm not a professional but it's a hobby. I also crochet dishcloths. Some people buy them for $2. The trouble I have is that I would rather give stuff away than sell it. But Hubby says no, sell it. I also like to cook and I am really good at that!(People other than my family tell me so!) I would like to make money from home. It's important to me that I am here for the kids or my Hubby when they need me even if the are in school or work.

  3. oh i so want this!!! i am worried that my farm will never come- i am getting near 50 and have no money. i just don't see a farm in my future but i still dream about it!

    • I just found this blog and your post, and I hope this response finds you in a better place. I am almost 50 and my husband and I have been dreaming about a little piece of homesteading heaven ourselves. I drove by our property last night that is overgrown with weeds, and muddy and going to take a lot of work, the barn company just put the shell up on a barn that we will be finishing ourselves as a house. It was cheaper that way. But when I look around all I see is beauty and hope for the future. Please don't give up if a farm is what you want. There are so many of us that I believe God is talking to, nudging us to free ourselves from the day to day stress of the world we live in. Good luck

  4. You know I want to hear more about your little fluffball movie star!

    This sounds like a very interesting series. I may not get here on time but I hope to be back and read them all.

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