Thanksgiving Celebration at New Hope Christian Fellowship

Here is my Pocahontas.

We joined the fun at the Thanksgiving Celebration hosted by the Devine family yesterday.  Check out Rhonda Devine’s blog, Walking With Sarah!

Needless to say, my official launch will not be until next Monday.  But, we had a wonderful time, with good food, fellowship, music, games and history lessons!

Some of us even dressed as Pilgrims or Indians.  It is quite amazing to really know the history of the Pilgrims.  I recommend William Bradford’s book Of Plymouth Plantation, which gives his own account of what happened during this time.

You can also get a set of books here, which include Of Plymouth Plantation, A Thanksgiving Primer and Plymouth in the Words of Her Founders.  If you want your Thanksgiving to come alive with new meaning and need ideas to make it a more authentic, memorable day, then I highly recommend these books!

We also had a church service at their house, which is a new church plant called New Hope Christian Fellowship.  If you are interested in attending or would like more information, just click on the church name and it will redirect you to their website.

We so enjoy being a part of this new church plant!  It is located in Crown Point, which is in the northwest region of Indiana. 

More pictures of this wonderful day…..

Great fellowship!

Beautiful young ladies!


Music and teaching time.

             Log race!

The champs!

Daddy dancing with his princess!


                 That made her day!

 Getting ready for boffer wars!

What a great day to celebrate!  If you are seeking a family oriented church, and live a drivable distance, check out New Hope Christian Fellowship

Don’t forget to make your Thanksgiving come alive with these books!
Now is a great time to teach your children about the Pilgrims and their miraculous perserverance!  Just click on this picture to purchase.

What do you do to make your Thanksgiving special?

5 comments on “Thanksgiving Celebration at New Hope Christian Fellowship

  1. I am so sad that we couldn't be there to worship with you and then celebrate Thanksgiving 🙁 The pictures are great, but I'm sure they don't convey all the worship, the fellowship, and the laughter that took place! May the Lord graciously bless your new church plant and guide you in the next steps He has for you! Tony's costume is awesome!! Blessings to all.

  2. I absolutely love Thanksgiving. I love not having the stress of Christmas and the worry of the money I have spent for gifts and if the people will truely like them. Anyway, for Thanksgiving, we all meet at my mom's which is mine and my children's favorite place to be. After a huge dinner that my mom puts out, we all site around playing games!! A very nice and relaxing day to be with family and reflect on what is important. Oh yeah, I HAVE to watch the MACY's day parade with my girls before going to my mom's. That is a huge tradition.
    Tracy Wylie

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