Don’t Waste Those Fallen Pears or Apples

This is our Kieffer pear tree.  It no longer looks like this, but we did get a big harvest of pears this year.  Needless to say, even with our best intentions, there were still quite a few pears that fell to the ground.

This tree is so tall, that even my tall husband on a ladder with an apple picker did not come near reaching the top!

So, we always encourage our chickens to finish the job of cleaning up those pears.  I love to watch them peck at this sweet treat.  Oh, they sure do make it look good!

Not only is this a sweet treat for the chickens, it is also good for the pear tree.  The chickens will find any bug or worm in those pears.   This also keeps pesky bugs at a minimum for the following year.  So, if you do not have chickens, make sure you pick up the fallen pears and put in your compost bin with some added leaves or soil to help compost it down.
What doesn’t get eaten by our chickens, we give to our pigs.  Notice the dirty snout!  No rings here.  We have been told to put rings in their noses to keep them from rooting in the ground.  But, we like for them to use what God has given them.  It makes for a healthier, happy pig!  They also have plenty of room to roam.

So, if you haven’t already, clean up those apples or pears and try to reuse them somehow.  Not only will you have a healthier tree, but you won’t feel as guilty!

What do you do with your fallen apples or pears?

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