Two Free Bars of Soap Entry is Closed, But Comments are Still Welcome and Appreciated!

Although entering to win the goat milk soap is closed, feel free to leave a comment on which one of these how-to videos or series you would be interested in the most!  I appreciate your opinions!

As a new blogger, I would really like some feedback on this one. I have a lot of tutorial videos and written series ideas that I would love to share. But, I also need some feedback from my readers as well.  Which idea/s would you like to see or read about first?

How to make goat’s milk soap video

How to make goat’s milk lotion video

Goats 101- the basics on dairy goat care, such as, feed requirements, milking (including how to handle milk), hoof trimming, showing in 4-H

Canning tutorial

Baking bread tutorial

Any gardening related how to videos

Training your dog video series

A written series on making money on your farm

Chicken butchering video series

Non farm related series on finding joy through your trials

Of course, some of these would be seasonal, but it will give me a good idea how to prioritize each possibility.

Leave a comment here about your preference!  Your opinion is important to me!

42 comments on “Two Free Bars of Soap Entry is Closed, But Comments are Still Welcome and Appreciated!

  1. Definately the goat's milk soap. I have not found any good instructional video on soap making as they seem to always assume you already know how to make soap!

  2. I would like to see the Goats 101 first. We are about to get our very first goats and I am a little nervous. After that I would love to know more about goat soap. I love to use it and want to know how to make it.

  3. I would love to see the how to make goat's milk soap tutorial first. I have tried making goat milk soap in the past and it did not turn out very well. I would really love to learn to make it the right way. My email is in case you need it. πŸ™‚

  4. The canning tutorial would be wonderful…its a simple artform that we are wanting to learn and many says it's easy to do, but it looks and sounds daunting. LOL

  5. I'd love to see them all! I'm very interested in goats as we have a few wethers and are looking for a doe. I plan on getting chickens here shortly so that would be interesting too! But then again, I'm all for finding ways to help supplement our extremely low income by doing stuff here…lol. Tough choices. πŸ™‚

  6. I love How to make goat's milk soap video and the lotion one too. Can you make the soap with the goats milk at the store since I don't have goats here and don't know anyone that does?

  7. As far as which I'd find the most useful, I'd go for the canning tutorial. We're trying to get into canning and could use some inspiration/instruction. As far as which I'd just enjoy the most, I'd like to see Goats 101. I never raised animals, but I was in 4-H, and grew up in the country (my dad was a farmer), so that would be kind of like a walk down memory lane for me. Thank you for the giveaway!

  8. Wow! I just stumbled on to you and I am so excited! I love all these titles. However, how to make money on your farm is an answer to prayer. We have literally just decided to turn our property into a farm. I love all the titles, but that one I'd vote for first. Thanks Andrea in NH

  9. It is hard to choose. I look forward to all these choices. But first I think I'd be interested in Goats 101, followed by the videos on how to make the soap or lotion.

    Nancy M.

  10. Would like to know if you buy lye in bulk and where you get it, I have to buy it in small amounts because of some shipping regulations or something.
    I would love to learn how to make the lotion. and how to make money from the farm because we seem to break even or a loss selling chicken, eggs, and turkey.

  11. Susie, I have to go to the Amish store, Kauffmans. They got it in stock especially for me. They found it under drain cleaners. They cannot buy it in bulk because of shipping regulations. If they get it through the plumbing supplies it comes in their hardware freight. I pay $4.99/16oz bottle. I have to drive over the mountain and through the woods to get it, but they are talking to the other Amish store(bulk foods), closer to me, to see if they will carry it also. I also use lard for my soap because the farms around here GIVE it to me. I really like free!

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