Five Days of Gardening Goals – Pleasure Gardening

It is that time of year for the seed catalogs to show up in our mailboxes.  I don’t know about you, but, once I look at these catalogs, the gardening itch begins!  It is easy to get overwhelmed at all of the varieties and sometimes we can grow certain vegetables that do us no good at all but take up space!  So, today, let’s talk garden plans.

I enjoy looking through these seed catalogs.   I also like to look at new varieties that each company has to offer.  Being a market grower, my focus has been different than the average home gardener the past couple of years.  These new varieties could mean a potential hit at the farmer’s market.  Finding different varieties of certain vegetables could set the market grower apart from the rest.  Or, finding older heirloom varieties could also mean the same.

But, what about the home gardener?  How do we stay focused on our garden goals?  What are your garden goals?

Some common goals that you might identify with are:

– pleasure gardening (simple enjoyment in growing things)

– lowering your grocery bill

– satisfaction and enjoyment in eating homegrown food

– using the garden as your source of food (becoming less reliant on grocery stores)

– all of the above:)

Once you have identified what your goals are, then focus on that goal.  If your focus is pleasure gardening, then don’t buy a plethora of seeds that need a lot of attention.  

For example, cucumbers need to be picked quite often to keep producing, so, if you just want to enjoy your garden’s looks, than high maintenance veggies might not be a good idea.

Pleasure gardeners could fall into the experimental gardeners category as well.  You might find great satisfaction in growing an unusual variety that no one else has ever heard of.  Maybe you enjoy looking at all of the different varieties of radishes on you dinner plate.

This category is a pleasing past time.  If this is your focus, make sure you do not over do it and turn it into a drudgery.  Be creative.  You have the freedom to try different varieties of seeds and experiment.  That is half the fun!

Before you write down your plans and pick out seed varieties, ask yourself these questions;

Will I need to continually pick this?  Is it prone to certain diseases?  Is it pleasing to the eye?  Is it difficult to grow and/or harvest?

As you answer these questions, keep the word ‘pleasure’ in mind.  That is your goal.

There is no pressure in pleasure gardening.  So, don’t put unwanted pressure on yourself.

Relax and enjoy the simple fruits of your labor!

Join me tomorrow on Five Days of Gardening Goals- Lowering Your Grocery Bill!

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3 comments on “Five Days of Gardening Goals – Pleasure Gardening

  1. Several people have complained about how expensive gardening is. I feel bad about contradicting them, but I think that experience makes a difference.

    You don't need expensive fertilizers! (If you don't have animals of your own-find a Llama farm!Learn how to make manure tea)

    Don't put a lot of money into "gourmet" varieties, they take more care and garden smarts- maybe start out with the Three Sisters (squash, beans, and corn)and let your garden grow with knowledge.

    I love my garden! Sometimes it's clean and weeded and sometimes it's not!

  2. Great post. I recently learned about Heirloom seeds. I have irdered my first gardening catalogs. Iam excited to get started on my upcoming garden. Iam considering trying out the farmers market this year too. Hope you joun me along my journey at

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