For the Entrepreneur in You!

Are you dreaming of owning your own business?  Do you know someone who is?  Below I have some wonderful entrepreneur books, cds and DVDs that I think you will enjoy!  These are all from Vision Forum, but hurry, their rebate sale ends tonight!
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The Handmade Marketplace:  “How to sell your crafts locally, globally and online,” is a great book for the crafter in you!  Not sure if and when to take your craft business to the next level?  Maybe you want to sell handmade items but aren’t sure where to start.  This book will put you in the right direction.

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You Can Farm, by Joel Salatin is an excellent book that will excite you on your dreams of being a farmer.  He gives you practical advice, and even shares with you many possibilities to get you started!  As a Christian, homeschooling dad, he will enlighten you and give you a “you can” attitude on farming!

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Take a look inside families that own their own business in Family Works, Inspiring Profiles of Family Business.  Hosted by a Harvard MBA, Wade Myers, who is also a veteran entrepreneur, this DVD will get you excited about working together as a family.  Myers analyzes the business in an easy to understand way and the families are interviewed extensively.  Very informative!

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My family went to this Entrepreneurial Bootcamp and loved it! We heard so many good speakers and learned quite a bit!  You can get the conference on here.  With 10 DVDs and 20 cds, this bootcamp is a great motivator to start your own business!

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Venture Academy has over 12 hours of lectures in the entrepreneurial package.  Developed by homeschooling dad and former CEO, Wade Myers, this is for those who are serious about starting a business.  Sales, marketing, legal issues, accounting and much much more are what you will see in this in depth DVD package!

Take advantage of these great buys now!  The sale ends tonight!

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