Goat’s Milk Lotions are Here and on Sale!

You can now order goat’s milk lotion online at www.edengoatsmilksoapandlotion.com or here on my blog at the Eden Goat’s Milk Lotion Page!  Keep reading to see how you can save 10% off already low prices!  We use our own goat’s milk along with sweet almond oil, avocado oil and shea butter.  It is a best seller at the craft fairs!

Here is a little entrepreneur tip:  I put a sample of my lotion in the bathrooms at the craft fair, along with samples at my booth.  I also put my little sign up in the bathroom telling everyone who we are and which booth they can find us at.  If you have a product people can try, give samples out!  It makes a huge difference!

Let me give you a little history about my goat’s milk soap and lotion start.  Believe it or not, I have been making soap for nine years!  After I tell you my first experience, you might be surprised that I kept making it!

I had a book called The Natural Soap Book, and decided to make this soap to give as gifts for Christmas.  The book is excellent by-the-way, but there are some things I learned the hard way.

My nine year old was just a baby, barely walking at the time.  She was pretty content while I was trying this soap making deal out.  Once I had everything mixed together, the book said to stir until it saponifies (starts to trace).  Sounds easy enough, right?

I stood there by the stove, stirring for four hours!  I had a baby crying, hanging on my leg, wanting mama, yet I could not touch her due to the lye.  That soap would not saponify, and I finally gave up, discouraged.  Not a good way to start, huh?

Perserverance, Susie, perserverance!  I found out by reading another book, that I could use a blender.  Well, what do you know!  Sure would have been nice to know that earlier!

Aaaah!  The trials of entrepreneurial minded people.

Anyway, back to now…..

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Don’t forget to order at www.edengoatsmilksoapandlotion.com or here on my blog!

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