Making Money Mondays – Selling Cut Flowers

Oh the beautiful colors of zinnias!  I long to see the colors of summer already!

My nine year old daughter is pictured above.  She is my flower girl!

Did you know that you can make money growing flowers?  How about a lot!  This could actually be a full time farming opportunity if you do it right!

Let me throw out some numbers for you.

According to The Flower Farmer by Lynn Byczynski, if you grow and market your flowers well, you have the potential of making $25,000-$30,000 per acre!  You read it right!  That’s quite a lot of cash!

The key, remember, is marketing and growing your flowers correctly.

We just touched the surface of this potential two years ago when we grew sunflowers and zinnias and sold them at the farmer’s market.

My flowers were almost always sold out!  People love them and are drawn to a booth with vibrant colors like these sunflowers on our farm.  I recommend adding them to your produce booth and see for yourself!  Or, sell solely different varieties of cut flowers.

You can even grow varieties that are good for drying and sell your dried flower arrangements at the end of summer into fall.

Another option, if you don’t want to sell at a farmer’s market, is to find a high end retail florist shop.  These stores carry more than just roses and carnations.

They might pay a premium price for your cut flowers.  Remember, your flowers are fresher, which means they will last longer than those that are shipped.

Things to remember if you decide to go this route:

1)  Be consistent
2)  Be reliable
3)  Do not expect a quick sale with florists.  Bring in some flowers to show them and if they do not buy from you, don’t give up!  Keep trying!
4)  Look at what they are selling and go from there.

There is quite a lot to learn about growing and selling cut flowers.  I recommend going to Johnny’s Seeds and looking at the different varieties.  They give great advice and suggestions to flower and vegetable growers.

By far the best book out there on flower farming is The Flower Farmer by Lynn Byczynski.  She gives excellent advice on what types of flowers to grow and/or start with, which types are the most popular, soil ammendments, growing how-tos, resources, marketing, other farmers experiences and much, much more!  An excellent resource that will get you pumped and more confident on growing and selling cut flowers!

As always, the surface is just being touched here on growing and selling cut flowers.  My goal is to introduce to you different opportunities that might bring in some income and give you resources for a further in depth look at these ideas.

Is flower farming for you?

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2 comments on “Making Money Mondays – Selling Cut Flowers

  1. This is a fabulous idea. I don't have a place to grow flowers…BUT I'm going to "bookmark" this as a future possibility. I'm going to try and sell some of my knitted stuff on Etsy, to bring in supplementary income.

    My dad and I have both been "in between" jobs since last December..It's been hard, but God has provided for us. We are living in my aunt's house now. She's been a real encouragement and blessing.

    In any case, thanks for this post. I really enjoyed reading it. It's got the "wheels" of ideas spinng 😉 🙂 Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 😉

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