When Simple is Too Much

I thought this would be a good one to repost, especially this time of year!

The title of this post might be a little confusing, but, let me explain.  As a homeschooling mother, I sometimes feel as if I need to simplify everything, and in doing so, I really make things more complicated.

Does that make sense?  I know some of us feel like we have to make everything from scratch, or we just don’t “measure up” to certain standards that we put
on ourselves.

We can sometimes put so much pressure on simplifying our lives and saving a little money, that in the end, we take up more time, more frustration, and wonder, “Was making homemade laundry really worth it?”

Don’t get me wrong, I love making things from scratch.  In fact, on my next post I will give you my favorite homemade cleaner recipe.  But learn from my mistakes on this, don’t get the notion that you have to simplify everything all at once!  You will be too tired to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Take baby steps.  Don’t look at your friend who uses cloth diapers she made herself, and feel guilty about buying Huggies at Walmart.  By-the-way, just in case you are wondering, I do not use cloth diapers, but I think it is wonderful to those who do!  Pray about how God would want you to be more self-sustainable in your own life.  He will show you in His own timing.  In doing so, you won’t get bogged down with all of those guilty pressures.  Have confidence in Him.  He will bless you for it!

Bonus Day!

8 comments on “When Simple is Too Much

  1. You've made some excellent points here, and I agree with you completely. It's not about comparing ourselves to others, but doing the things that the Lord wants us to do within our own families.

    ~M. Wildflower

    -Visiting from The Modest Mom link-up-

  2. This post means a lot to me! Sometimes I struggle with trying to do all of the "simple things" that, after reading lots of blogs about them, I think I SHOULD do if I REALLY love my family. I recently came to realize that I need to do what the Lord leads me to do…and if making everything from scratch all the time exhausts me and leaves me no energy to be mommy and my husband's helpmeet…then it isn't simplifying anything…its complicating our lives. I love cooking from scratch..but I don't do everything in the kitchen from scratch. I have younger children so I don't have many hands to make light work in this area. So I still use can goods from Aldi's when we can't afford fresh and although I back biscuits from scratch, I still buy wheat sandwich bread at the store.

    I appreciate your openness and honesty. We are all on a journey…and each of our journeys will be unique…just as God created us! 😀

    I was so blessed by your words! Thank yoU!!!!


    Mrs Mary Joy Pershing

  3. Great Post and I cant agree more!! Many people look at the stuff I do and think wow I cant do all that.. And me by myself I probably cant but I have 3 teen girls who are great helps and a Hubby who is really good at a lot of different things. I am not doing this myself. We are doing this as a familt. I started simplifying things when the girls were little and added to a little here and there.. Sometimes I find some things arent worth it but others are definitely worth it. God can and will lead you if you let him….

  4. I think once we realize that our ideas of simplifying might not be the exact same as everybody else's, then we will have contentment. It sounds like you have the right idea. Simplifying here and there and figuring out what is and isn't worth it is key! Thanks for commenting!

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