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Being an entrepreneur, I know the importance of marketing.  But, I have to be honest with you, using the computer for advertising just didn’t seem appealing to me, until just a few months ago.  Oh how I wish I could have started marketing online sooner.  Big mistake!

I’m a little bit old-fashioned, so, when I had wise counsel about starting a website for my business, a Facebook page for Our Simple Farm, then an Eden Natural Skincare and Cosmetics Facebook page, then sign up for Twitter, I was a little bit overwhelmed to say the least!  Monetize?  What’s that?

One of my businesses is making goat’s milk soap.  My competitors have been networking and marketing online longer than I have, and I am almost positive that most have only been in business for a short while.  I have been doing it for nine years!  You’d think I would have been marketing online for quite some time now.  But, simple Susie just got her website up in November of 2011.

I am just now learning how to network with others and advertise my products online!

The moral of my sad story is, don’t wait to advertise your business!  Do it now!

That is where Our Simple Farm comes in:)  As you probably already know, my blog has not been up very long.  The end of September 2011 was the beginning of an amazing blogging adventure for me.  Now, I’m not one to brag, but as you can see, it has really taken off, thanks to all of my lovely readers and the mysterious wise counsel I told you about earlier!

Do you have a business that needs exposure?  Are you looking to get your product name out to the online community?  If so, Our Simple Farm might be a great place to do just that!  Not only do you get certain advertising space, but I will do a review and giveaway of your product and/or you get to post about it here on the blog!  I also do Facebook advertising as well.

Just go here or click up top on my advertising page for more information!

Now, back to the “wise counsel.”  I am blessed to be friends with a sweet and lovely lady who just happens to live not too far from me and we just happen to go to the same church.  She has a rather large blog, A Wise Woman Builds Her Home and is very good at what she does.  I have been blessed to receive her “wise counsel” on blogging.  If you have a blog and are interested in learning how to monetize it, you can find her here, Wise Woman Consulting, as well.

Don’t wait!

Oh, did I tell you?  You get $10 off if you sign up for three months!  Don’t hesitate, the sale ends January 31st!

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  1. This is great. This kind of advertising really helps a lot in getting small businesses jump-start their online presence to reach more customers. I believe Simple Farm has a good credibility and experience to get you started.

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