Frugal and Crafty Wooden Pallet Uses

Do you have some extra pallets?  Here are some great ideas I found on the internet.  A purse and hat hanger is much needed at our house! What a cute idea!  I’m thinking coat hanger too.

A shoe rack?   Why didn’t I think of that!

These two pictures above inspire me to go a little rustic on my home interior design.  Love it!

For those with tight spaces, this would be ideal and not cost you that much.

We used our pallets for a compost bin.  I know, I know, boring right?  Hey, it works!
I shared this on Facebook from Earthly Tent Homestead.  Another great idea for small spaces, but I might try this in my big garden as well!
We use pallets for compost and platforms to put hay, tools and other miscellaneous equipment.  Finding these ideas above has inspired me to take it a step further and make something more creative.  Strange, I’m excited about pallets now!

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17 comments on “Frugal and Crafty Wooden Pallet Uses

  1. I too have joined the pallet bandwagon, LOL. We have a very small sheep farm, and needed to provide extra shelters, hay barn, etc and are thrilled and ready to roll up our sleeves and build with some of these newly found ideas. (Not to mention all of the wonderful ideas for INSIDE the house!)
    Kelly in KY

  2. They are harder to get than you think. Most Big Box stores keep them and send them back to the companies who ship palletized product. Sometimes you might be able to get a broken one. But it never hurts to ask. Obviously, someone is giving away pallets!

  3. In my area, companies put up signs for people to come get the pallets. We have used them in the garden, in the barn(one of the stalls is made from pallets) as gates, the compost bins. Broken pallets or boards from them get turned into signs. We have friends who collect the untreated pallets and pull them apart and use the wood for their burners. Many of the pallets are made from oak. Then they keep a 5 gallon bucket that they toss the nails into and when they have a few buckets they scrap them and get some cash for the metal! Free heat and cash!

  4. I have been watching for pallets ever since I saw a chicken coop made entirely from them. So far I don't have that chicken coop, but I still watch for pallets. I like the purse rack and the trellis for the garden. Great ideas on here thanks for sharing!

  5. Those are really cute ideas!!! Quite awhile back, I'd seen a blogger take the really big, wood pallets and use them to build a new deck. It turned out fabulous. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

  6. Oh lots of good ideas for those pallets. Might have to get my husband to bring some home from work! Really love the hanger and the outdoor uses.

  7. These are great work of art. It's good to see those unique and very useful pallet racking systems. I wonder how department stores and other establishments would look like if these kinds of pallet racks were to be installed.

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