Great Pyrenees

Sale is over!  The last two male puppies are sold and, as always, going to good homes!

I love our Great Pyrenees!  Does this picture look familiar?  I used it for my official launch.

I have a deal for you, my readers……

This is Lilly, the mama.

We have 2 male puppies left and we need to sell them.  My deal is for you and only you.  These puppies are great for livestock protection and an all around family dog.  
So, what’s the deal?  These puppies are $450 each and are CKC registered. I am offering a huge discount to my readers, a $50 discount!
But, that is not all.  If you are not interested in buying a puppy, but know of someone who is, I will sell the puppy for the original price, but you get a $50 referral check!
I do ship puppies, the buyer pays for a cargo flight ticket. 
Ask any of our friends and acquaintances and they will tell you that these dogs are special.   They are smart, they learn quick and are lovable!
In fact, two of these puppies were sold to a company who trains animals for movies.  Our very own Maximus was leased to them as well.  Look for The Adventures of Santa Pups, a Disney movie coming out in Christmas 2012.
The trainers were very impressed with our puppies.  They were more affectionate than the others and more willing to learn.  Check out my Great Pyrenees page up top or go to and find out more!
People can’t believe how well behaved they are!  They usually win obedience in 4-H and place well at state.
They were born on August 22, making them at just over 4 months old.  This little girl below is being shipped out to California on Sunday to her excited new owners!

They even protect our chickens!

Remember, this is for you only.  If you see my ads and website, they are marked at $450!  If you just happened to visit my blog, you will need to join or become a fan on facebook to get this deal.  Not bad for a $50 check!

Please know that we do not sell our puppies to just anybody.  We make sure that they are going to a good home.  Any questions?  Feel free to email me.  If you are interested and do email me, I will give you my phone number as I need to know you and what your intentions are.

Can the majestic Great Pyrenees be in your future?

8 comments on “Great Pyrenees

  1. This was so NOT the post I needed to read today! 🙂 Those pictures are absolutely adorable and I'd take one in a minute. My hubby might take issue with me if I did, though, since we already have three dogs! They are beautiful!!!

  2. I was just looking at rescue GR Pyrs. I can't afford $450, and I live in an apartment… Which is not too small for a very large dog if they are walked and exercised often. Been there, done that. Beautiful dogs…

  3. Our family would loooove to have one, as this is the breed of dog we've wanted for a few years now. We are out in the country and hope for a full fledged farm one day. I'd want a good strong fence first. Your doggies are so beautiful! =-D

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