Making Money Mondays – Natural Skin Care Products

Many people are interested in supporting local businesses, including handmade natural skincare products.  I have been in this cottage industry business for 9 years!

When we got our first goats, I knew then that I wanted to make goat’s milk soap.  It has been such a rewarding business!

Let me share with you what I have learned.

Natural skincare products have become very popular with the increasing awareness of organic and natural foods.  People are realizing that most of their skin problems come from what they eat and/or put on their skin.  
There are quite a few options for you to take in this type of business.  Find out what interests you the most.  What are you drawn to in stores?  Soap?  Scrubs?  Shampoo?  The list can go on and on.  But, write down your ideas and possible products you would like to learn how to make naturally.  Then do your research on how to make it.
You need to make your product/s unique.  What makes yours stand out from the rest?  Why would people want to buy from you instead of someone else?  Natural skincare products are a competitive market.  So, your product has to have it’s own special uniqueness.
Before you even think about selling your product, have friends and family try it and critique it for you.  Then, if you get great feedback, find out how you can go about selling it.  

Selling at Craft Fairs
Probably the best option for starters is to set up a booth at a craft show or festival. Call your Chamber of Commerce and ask for a tour guide and festival book.  Here you will find all kinds of craft fairs and festivals in your state. To get a booth space, you have to call in advance, sometimes a year in advance, to send in an application for approval.  The cheaper the booth rental is, the smaller the craft fair.  I do not recommend small fairs.  It usually is a waste of time.  I have found that if the booth costs at least $100, it will probably be worth it.

Make your products look neat with eye catching labels.  I keep my black billy goat on everything.  That is my signature for Eden Goat Milk Soap and Lotion.  Set up your booth with a neat and clean appearance.  You do not want too much clutter.  It will overwhelm customers and they might bypass your booth altogether.

I like to keep it simple.  Nothing too elaborate.  I have another goat’s milk soap competitor every year in the fall craft fair with me.  Although they have a fancy set up, so far, I have kept a leg up on them.  How?

For one, my prices are better.  Two, I set up my soaps and lotions in the bathrooms for people to try, with my signs, telling people where to find me.  My competitor has since copied me on this, but, most commented on how much they liked my lotion better.

Give out samples at your booth.  What people can try, they are much more likely to buy (nice little rhyme, huh?).Don’t be afraid to sell your product.  If you know it’s good, tell people.

Please do not sit down!  This might be hard after five hours, but customers will not buy from you if you are not engaged.

And, the most important thing that you can do when selling at craft fairs, is make your product from scratch. So many people were surprised when I told them that we milk our own goats and make all of our products!  This means something to most people.  They like to know that I did not buy a goat’s milk base online like my competitor.  My products are the real deal.  I even set up the computer at my booth and put our farm pictures on the screen that plays continually throughout the day.

Selling at craft fairs is a great way to make a little or a lot of money.  You can participate in as many as you want or do one fair a year for extra cash.  Plus, it’s fun to meet other people!

How about it?  Is this something that might interest you?

If you are interested in buying an affordable goat’s milk soap, come and visit my new website,, or my soap and lotion page and see what I have available!

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17 comments on “Making Money Mondays – Natural Skin Care Products

  1. I just signed up for my first craft show. I'm a little nervous because I'm putting myself out there to be rejected, or accepted. I had given my goat milk soap and healing salve to family, friends and teachers as gifts. I got really good feedback and was asked to do the craft show. I'm also adding my hand crocheted dishcloths, casserole cozies and hot pads. My Hubby got on board and he is going to make a few shelves and maybe a jelly cupboard to sell as well.

  2. I follow your blog and really enjoy it. Today's post is especially relevant to me as I'm just starting up a skin care company. I have much to learn still and your advice is so appreciated. I was wondering if you could share with me where you get your product labels? I have been looking at different companies, but really don't know what is the best route to go.

  3. You do not have to have special insurance, but it is always a good idea to get it anyway.

    Pam, so glad you enjoy this blog! I am excited for you and your start up skincare business! Labels, labels, you either love them or hate them. I design my own labels from Avery. You can buy their stickers and download templates to design. Labels are a headache. I have pondered the idea of just buying them predesigned, but haven't yet. I do not use Avery for my soap labels. They are a little bit easier to design and print out.

    Domestic Goddess, good luck on your first craft fair. I pray it will be successful for you!

  4. I am lovin these Making Money Mondays! I am filing all this information away for the near future. I'm glad to be learning and getting all this good advice NOW!

  5. I LOVe natural skin care products, and use them exclusively now. It's made such a difference in how my skin looks and feels. I really appreciated your tips and realistic views on how to sell natural skin care products!!! Plus, I think your idea of placing the products in the bathroom for people to try is really, really nice!!! Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

  6. I have an animal rescue farm and make 100% vegan body butters and massage oils, lip balms etc. I elected to forgo goats-milk products because of the cruelty to the goats, especially the baby males who, if not kept as breeders, face a horrible auction and or a terrible death at an early age. I have rescued some of these marvelous baby boys (and some of the poor mothers who were destined for the glue factory after pumping out oodles of babies to keep their milk going for business until sick and exhausted ) Of course I can't save them all so I decided to go vegan and it has really taken off! I also use this as an opportunity to educate people on the horrors and cruelty of animals based products. No-one on my farm gets butchered, even my 7 hens, who grace us with gifts of beautiful fresh eggs get to play and peck all day get to live out their lives here. Please people don't contribute to cruelty by using animals based products no matter how cute the label. GO VEGAN! Ever hear a mama goat screaming for her babies? Did you know the babies, especially the boys are taken from the mothers and killed because they are no longer any use to the business??? Goats milk is for baby goats, not for humans!! do your research! Thank you ~ Be KIND! NOT CRUEL!! it may be organic but it is NOT cruelty free!

    • You can't make the assumption that all dairy goats are poorly treated. We that have them love them. Ours are pets and spoiled rotten even to the point I rub their legs like a dog. Ours never cried for their babies bec we kept them, including our male who my son hugs all the time. We appreciate and use the milk they give us. Not all goat owners are the stereotype you are referring to and I am very offended.

    • WOW!!!!! I'll just start off by saying "anonymous"… If you're going to write such a hateful comment, don't be such a coward and post anonymously.
      You obviously don't know Susie, nor have you spent any time on her blog. If you had, you would know how kind, loving, and conscious she is to care for her animals.
      Susie Loves Jesus. The Bible gives a clear account of God giving us dominion over animals. That doesn't mean the right to abuse and neglect (as you are accusing), but to manage, care for ,and utilize (as Susie is doing).
      God doesn't call us to be vegans. At different times He does call us to prayer and fasting, which may include avoiding animal products, but He gave them to us for our own nutrition, pleasure, and even our enjoyment!!!!
      I am glad to hear that you have hens, but am slightly confused by your use of eggs as you claim to be a vegan.
      I'll just end with the "golden rule", if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all.

    • Anonymous, while it is true that animal cruelty is an issue in large scale, industrial farms, I can assure you that Susie treats her animals very differently, with lots of love, care, and attention to each animals specific needs. Susie is a friend of mine, I have been to her farm many times (I had my wedding there, as a matter of fact), and I can tell you that she takes wonderful care of all her animals! I can truly understand your concern for the well being of animals, I love them too and hate to see them suffer. But primarily, Susie's farm is to help provide wholesome, nutritious food for her family that is free of any artificial hormones or additives. It is only secondarily a business, because she has to find something to do with all that goats milk that her family can't finish. Animal cruelty becomes an issue (mainly in large scale farms) only when money becomes a priority over the animals health and well being.

  7. Since when do vegans eat eggs? So its ok to eat eggs from a chicken but not milk from a goat? Lady you are 100% nuts!

  8. I am not scared to leave MY name Ms Vegan … I am also a dairy goat breeder and we love and fawn over our babies and mothers and our wonderful bucks as much as most people over their own children. My goats are bred responsibly, their breeding is well planned for their genetics and they have some say in their mates as well… They jump right up onto the milk stand and are happy to be milked my retirees still try to go get up on the milk stand… , the castrated wethers are sold as pets to homes that will love them, they have a life , they ARE loved just like my cows,pigs, sheep and chicken, ducks, dogs and cats and YES my children. JUST because you decide to raise animals doesn't mean they can't have a full life before they are butchered and it doesn't have to be a terrible existence just because they are destined for someones plate. MY Goodness woman! not to mention the earth needs ruminants to heal the earth through their life and death. Also, there is alot of research to which goat milk is better than any formula made by a man and there is alot of uses people have for goats milk and the goats are not harmed in any way what so ever… So Educate yourself on the good things goats milk is good for besides nursing kids. Other countries count on goats for their livelihood in deserts where there ARE no plants cheese and meat is how they survive. Tell them they need to change tell about 75% of the world they are wrong.. I am happy you are vegan and are happy with your decision…. I am a omnivore and proud of it… I butcher my own food and can look it in the eye knowing they had a good life while they were with me. and BTW what kind of a vegan are you that eats eggs???

  9. I said I decided to go vegan lady, I use to eat the eggs, now I give them away. figures a bunch of holy rollers frequent this place. don't throw your fundamentalist crap at me. The god tells me I can hurt other creatures bit is just wrong. educate yourself, I know what is what, I don't need your god all mighty judgements, save that for your can't think for yourself worship. I don't hurt animals, I don't cut things up that once trusted me, in front of their friends, how can you do that? are you psychotic?

    • Ah, here we go with the judgemental accusations. I do believe your first comment was a judgemental one! Dear Anonymous, clearly you are very misinformed and do not quite understand what this blog is all about. I suggest you find somewhere else to discuss animal cruelty and such as no one here gives you any credibility with your false accusations. This blog is about raising animals the right way, drinking raw goat's milk, making cheese, eating healthy meats, growing our own food and my spiritual journey with the Creator of all things. We are not animal rights activist, but we do raise our animals with loving care. If you have any respectful questions on how we are striving to be sustainable or questions about God that are not blasphemous, feel free to ask. Otherwise, move on.

  10. Wow. I love the vegans who are peaceful and non-threatening. I have no tolerance for anger that is ignorantly spewed where it doesn't belong. I am sorry we all had to read the uninformed anonymous' diatribe of lies and deceit. I hope we need never read from her again.

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