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The Vegetable Garden Planner makes it easy to plan your vegetable garden

My children and I left the farm Wednesday to stay at my parents house for a couple of days.  My mother has graciously offered to help us with the sewing projects for 4-H.  It seems that when spring comes around, sewing gets put on the back burner and planting comes into full swing.

So this year, we are planning on getting it done early by taking some days off here and there and coming to my parent’s house.  My daughters concentrate on getting as much as they can get done with their outfits.  No more procrastination!

It’s time to get our garden plans in order!  We must not procrastinate here either:)

Most of us are getting our layout planned by now or at least thinking about thinking about doing it;)

If you are stumped with your garden plans for this year, I found a wonderful place to plan a garden online.

At Territorial Seed Company, you will find 130 vegetable and fruit varieties, numerous gardening layout plans or design your own.  You can choose a weather station near you for planting dates and it will remind you when to plant a certain vegetable.

The garden planner will give you advice the following year for crop rotation and what not to plant after a certain variety.

It is free for one month with no strings attached.  If you would like to continue it then you have to pay $25 a year.

Not into garden planning online?  I still highly recommend you check out Territorial Seed Company just for the seeds alone!  You can request a catalog below.

Grafted Vegetables

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