Finding Those Humorous Moments


I love humor.
But, sometimes I don’t find it until after the fact.
Like the time we were shoveling manure from a horse stall, and my 2 year old accidently flung a piece of it in my face.
Like the time the buck looked at me with those weird eyes and thought I was a doe, and chased me around the pasture.
Like the time I stepped out the back door, and slid in chicken poo(still haven’t found the humor in that one).
And then there was the time I was fixing the electric fence in the morning, got shocked and then a goat stepped on my bare toe, all before I had my coffee!
Ah, and the time the hose sprayer was clogged, and then decided to work as I, for some unknown reason, pointed it right at my face as I tested it.  Hello!
Yes, the joys of everyday farm life.  If I don’t laugh about them, what am I doing here?
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7 comments on “Finding Those Humorous Moments

  1. LOL! I have many memories of my teenage years raising animals that weren't so funny at the time. Like chasing a loose cow through the woods in the rain, having a steer with "weird eyes" fixed on me and having him knock me to the ground a time or two (I never got hurt though thankfully!), and the time a calf drug me through the mud. Fun times. I miss them a lot though! ;D

    • You gotta love it when the cows get out;) Too funny! We have had our share of "fun" times and wouldn't trade it for the world! But, at that particular "fun" moment, I'm not thinking too positive!

      Thanks for sharing!

    • I didn't know whether to laugh or scream when that big smelly goat was coming after me. Thankfully, one of our Great Pyreness, a female, must have known how I felt and got in between me and the buck and started barking at him. Phew!

      I'm glad I can make you laugh, Jacinda;)

  2. I love this post, Susie–so you:)

    My dad used to say the same thing and had a great sense of humor. He had a rough upbringing and would say if you don't learn to laugh, you'll cry:)

  3. Electric fences are always a good source of humor! I heard stories when I was little, but being a "town kid" had never seen one…until I was playing hide and seek at a friend's farm. I woke up and was lying on the ground with a stomach ache and very glad that no one had seen it happen!!

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