Ran Out of Toilet Bowl Cleaner? DIY!

A part of being self sustainable is making do with what we have, right?  What if you ran out of toilet bowl cleaner and company’s coming soon?  Sometimes we can get in this mode where we can’t think outside of the box.  We have been so consumed with relying on grocery stores, that even this little “catastrophe” can make us feel a little hopeless.
Let me encourage you to think a little creatively, yet nothing overboard or crazy, but a simple creativity.  If we look around the house, we can usually find things that can be a substitute for what we buy at the store.  
So, back to the toilet bowl cleaner……
We all know that baking soda is a great cleaner for just about everything, toilets included.  Just sprinkle it in the toilet bowl.  
Now, what about odor?  What works best with eliminating odor?  I’ll give you two choices, lemon or vinegar.  You can squeeze the lemon in the bowl, then use the toilet scrubber to finish the job.  Or, if you don’t have a lemon, good ole’ white vinegar will do the trick as well.
Baking soda and vinegar?  Won’t that create a nice big volcano, you might ask?  Although that would be pretty neat to see and the children would love it, don’t add so much vinegar that you end up wiping down your whole bathroom, including yourself!  A half cup to one whole cup of it should be plenty.  Once this is added, you can scrub the toilet bowl.
Simple?  Yep!  Cheap?  Very!  Nontoxic?  Absolutely!

Don’t forget next week!  Short, how-to videos with my children on doing your own soil testing, soil block making and double digging!

To find out about my favorite homemade antibacterial cleaner, go here.

6 comments on “Ran Out of Toilet Bowl Cleaner? DIY!

  1. All I could think about my toilet errupting like a volcano from the combination of vinegar and baking soda! My mom had a little volcano that would do the same thing ~ it came out of a cereal box. When my now 28 year old son was 3-4 years old, he loved for her to erupt it for him. Just brought back memories.

    But, I am looking into more natural (& cheaper) ways to clean and this is perfect.

  2. Laundry detergent works well in a pinch, too. I used to watch "How Clean Is Your House" (mostly to make me feel better about my own housekeeping skills) and that is a tip I picked up from the show. Any kind will work, even homemade detergent.

  3. I use bleach in the toilet. I pour some in before I leave the house and put down the lid so the fumes stay inside.
    Then I let it soak while I am away, and scrub and flush when I get home.I like this because it works really well and I am not exposed to too much bleach.

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