Five Herbs That Benefit the Garden

Finding new plants to help benefit my garden has always intrigued me.  Although these herbs are not the most common, you might want to try them for yourself and see if you notice a difference in the plants growing next to them.

Lemon Balm – If you are having trouble with pollination, planting lemon balm in your garden will attract bees.

Dandelion – This herb has been known to increase the aroma of all herbs.  So, planting this by other herbs such as lavender and bergamot could bring in more wonderful scents!  You can also try planting certain aromatic herbs in an area that has a lot of dandelions growing already.  It has been known to concentrate potash in it’s body.

Stinging Nettle – This plant has a few benefits.  If used as a tea, it helps strengthen plants and promotes growth.  It also increases essential oils in plants.  It concentrates potassium, sulfur, calcium and iron in itself.

Chamomile – Used as a tea, it helps fight damping off in young plants.  It also concentrates potash, sulfur and calcium in it’s body.  Plus, it just smells good!

Valerian – This plant will heighten phosphorous activity in the surrounding area.  If you are lacking phosphorous in your soil, try planting these along the edge as they are perennials.  It also helps in the health and disease resistance in plants.

There are many more herbs that can benefit your plants.  Half of the fun is experimenting what works and what doesn’t.  Plus, what a great homeschool project for your children to try out some of these themselves!  Make sure you have a control group of plants that do not have the experimental herb in it’s surroundings.  That way you will know for sure if it makes a difference as being beneficial to your garden.

What has worked for you?

7 comments on “Five Herbs That Benefit the Garden

  1. Thanks for this post. We are also in our first year of gardening so I'm taking notes for next year and enjoying learning so much. My daughter is doing much of our gardening this year, I'll be having her read this post too!

  2. Dandelions? Really? Who'd have thought… We always just mow ours. 🙂 Thanks for the terrific tips; I'm eager for our local herb festival to arrive (in mid-May) so I can pick up a few of these herbs.

    Blessings! ~Lisa

  3. Hi Susie, I just read your gust post at Monica's blog. I am so happy to have read it. I have visited your blog many times, and even sent my cousin a link. She is an organic farmer in Main. I just want to say a big THANK YOU! for sharing your story. I don't know how I missed it on your menu bar. We lost our Jonathan 1-24-12 and it has been very hard on me. I am so very blessed to read other mommies that have faith in Jesus even in the mist of great trails. Once again thank you I am so blessed!

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