The Fruit of Our Children

What fruit are your children producing?  This simple, straightforward question was asked by a speaker at a family conference my family and I attended.  It struck a cord.

I began to think of my children’s actions, words and behaviors.  What do they like to talk about?  What do they like to do?  How is their behavior?

Living on a farm, we have an excellent opportunity to teach our children good work ethic, obedience and integrity.  But, we can also get so busy, that teaching our children sometimes gets left by the roadside.  I have noticed that during these too busy times, there isn’t much fruit being produced.  In fact, it can sometimes be quite sour and rotten.

As parents, I can’t stress the importance of taking the time to instill values of eternal worth in our children.  If we notice that one child just wants to watch movies or play video games instead of going outside and playing creatively, then we must realize that a media fast and extra training on our part is a must!

Laziness might also be a fruit factor.  I can’t afford to let a lazy child go on with his laziness here at the Shock Farm!  But, we must also look at any root causes as well.  Are we grumbling and groaning when we have to work or do certain not-so-fun activities?  Are we spending too much time on the computer or other media avenues?  What fruit are we producing?

In this day and age where technology seems to be taking over our young ones’ minds, I see some pretty lousy fruit being produced everywhere we go.  We must be honest with ourselves.  Are we allowing our kids to have too much media time?  Are we too busy to do anything about it?

I encourage you to really take a look at your children.  What are their minds consumed with?  Does it have eternal value?  What do they like to talk about?  I can guarantee you that if all they want to talk about is video games or movies, then we are not doing our part.  If all they want to do is text their friends, see how many likes they got on a Facebook comment or constantly chatting with friends about silly nonsense stuff, then we need to step in and take charge.  They have turned technology into an idol.

We are guilty of this, but, when we are actively putting our foot down on the constant technology temptation, and limiting or just wiping out access all together, we see some creative, healthy fruit being produced from our children.

If you must, go on a media fast.  It’s amazing how much more in tune our children can be without all that video and other media junk bombarding their minds.  This includes MP3 players as well.  How can they hear God’s voice if they have music in their ears, even Christian music, all of the time?  How can they learn to be quiet and listen, to appreciate what He has given us?

Technology is not evil, it’s what we make of it.  It is so easy to let it consume us, even as adults.  Imagine how hard it is for our children!  In this day and age, the fruit of our children is influenced heavily by media.  It is time we step in and win our children’s hearts back!

Not only will we receive eternal rewards, but our children will as well!

What could be more precious than that?

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6 comments on “The Fruit of Our Children

  1. How absolutely true! And this applies to the adults as well as the children. We are all spoiled by constant entertainment and "noise". I love to sit in a quiet room/house and read my Bible or study. (But does it count that I read the Bible on my Kindle?)

  2. such a great post and so true – it makes me sad how even the many christain familys let their kids play video games,let kid have smart phones, 10yr olds with fb accounts, watch movies etc. all the time and ones that usually are full of things that dishonour God. We do watch select movies, but do not own or play video games, wii's, xbox and all the other things that are out there.

  3. So very true! As a family we often take media fasts. Great opportunity to reflect on those habits we didn't even realize we had developed. It always amazes me how a computer or phone can become such a time robber in our lives.

  4. I like so many of your points on this! we do have media fasts in our home. Generally when I see them glued to the TV or computer screen. We have a Wii but it isn't used very much except for the sports and interactive games. Technology is not evil but like anything, when it becomes an idol it's a problem. I also Have to combat my own laziness. I know I'm guilty of letting the kids watch whatever will keep them quiet. Especially now that my Hubby is working out of town. I'm really out numbered. We also started our farm life to teach our children a good work ethic and appreciation for the results of their hard work. I'm glad I read this today it was a good reminder that even though Hubby is not home I need to step up and put a stop to the mindless media.

  5. This message is so important and I'm so glad you brought it up. I discovered early on that my children's behaviour was often directly linked to their media intake. Perhaps, the same is true for my behaviour!

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