Government Backs Off Child Farm Labor Regulations

I thought this might make your Friday.  Because of the many people pouring in their comments and concerns about the new regulations that would practically wipe out teens working on other farms, the government has withdrawn their changes to the child labor laws.

Originally, the Department of Labor wanted the farm labor laws to apply to children on their own farms, but, because of the tremendous negative responses and Representatives fighting for us, that was changed.  But, that did not end the problem.

There was still the issue of teens working on other farms.  So, the negative comments kept coming and for good reason.  No more baling hay to earn some extra cash at a neighbor’s farm.  There were so many regulations that it would have limited pretty much everything a child can do.

Can you see what happens when farmers and good-minded citizens speak up?  We can make a change!  Us, “lowly” small farmers need to stick together and make a difference.  Let’s let the government know that we are stubborn and smart!

You can read more about this in an article just written yesterday, here.

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6 comments on “Government Backs Off Child Farm Labor Regulations

  1. We have been talking all week about this. My Hubby is slowly starting up his contracting business again and said our 16yr old daughter could help. It would teach her a skill, allow her to earn some money, keep her out of trouble and give her some nice one on one time with dad. She was excited about it and talked about it during a counseling session at school. The guidance councilor said she wasn't allowed to work with power tools until she was 18. I'm going to check on that because it really doesn't make sense.

  2. That's awesome!

    Domestic Goddess – That is ridiculous! I hope you can find some information on that. If it is true, that never stopped my sister and I from doing it. (We didn't help in an actual business though) How do they expect kids to learn anything of actual value if everything is illegal?

  3. Such a disturbing mess! I grew up working the family farm as soon as I could reach the feed bins- and my children work here (on a much smaller scale). Things taught and caught here working together- or working for another farm are priceless.

  4. I'm glad to see this junk stopped, at least for now. I grew up on a working Angus farm, as well as a ranch (2 different states, way different types of farms), and as I got older I was expected to work along side dad. I learned a work ethic of hard work and tending animals and learned responsibility. That's something you'd be hard pressed to see in the liberal run areas!!

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