It Ain’t All Peachy Keen!

Farm life.  Some days you love it, some days you dislike it(very much).  The realities of our little homestead life aren’t for everyone.  We are constantly working on something, and just when you think you can sit down on the porch and enjoy the sunrise, you notice that the chickens are getting into the lettuce you just planted.

After you chase them off, you go back to the kitchen to get more coffee(you spilled it on the sudden rise from the chair).  Then you remember to go down to the cellar to check on your tender seedlings.  You also remember to check on the new baby goats and realize that the little chicks have outgrown their wooden box.  You assign one of the children to take care of this.

You also notice that the rain barrels are totally empty, and it’s April.  A hint of worry creeps up on you, wondering what kind of summer is coming and how your well pump will hold up.  You know it will be running almost constantly with the big garden and many animals.

With the extra warm spring, comes extra early blooms.  It is a delight to see, but you also know that freezing weather can happen anytime, which means losing your entire apple and pear crop.

You get apple trees in the mail, which means you have to plant them soon.  You take one of your kids to help you as you go out and plant those trees, asap.

Oh yes, and then there is homeschooling, laundry, kitchen clean up and lovin’ on your younguns’ somewhere in between watering the peas and planting more lettuce.

Chicken wire needs to be put up around the garden, because after chasing them away for the tenth time, not including the time you sent your kids out there to chase them, you realize you are being defeated by chickens, and that doesn’t sit well with you.

So, that weekend, you and your husband and children put that fence up.  Now you can do the dishes and look out the window without gritting your teeth.

The dreaded time has come.  Freeze warnings are popping up everywhere and you have to do what you can to save your crops.  You string Christmas lights on your big apple trees as best you can hoping that the lights will give off a little warmth.  You have your child put hotkaps on the tender young broccoli seedlings, while your other child is filling up water buckets to put under the trees.

Oh, and don’t forget to put hay or straw over your strawberries!

You know you have to go to bed early because the alarm clock is set to go off before sunrise so that you can water down your apple trees.

And then there is a goat in labor……

Where is the heat lamp?

Ahhhh, what can I say?  This is one of the real everyday happenings of the Shock Farm.  
What do I keep reminding myself?  First of all, relying on Him has become more and more frequent these past few years.  That is a reward in itself!
Also, we have learned to work hard, to appreciate the small things, and to find the good in every situation.  We can laugh even when things are less than perfect.  We can smile and shrug our shoulders, saying to ourselves, “It wasn’t meant to be, Lord.”  We can pick ourselves up again and keep trying too!
Farm life.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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  1. I love your realness, Susie–so true–it's the same running our business–some days you love it, other days you hate it. But through it all, the Lord is good and knows what we need to help us grow. Love ya!

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