Making Money Mondays – Butterfly Farming

The beauty of the butterfly does not go unnoticed.  Butterfly farming is one way to delight others in seeing it’s elegance.  Either by releasing them in weddings, parties, memorials or graduations or raising them for educational purposes, this could be an excellent opportunity for butterfly lovers to earn income.
Here is a brief overview of this opportunity.
Butterflies being raised for release can only be shipped to states where they are found naturally.  So, if someone wants to order from you Red Admiral butterflies for release at a wedding, the species has to be living in the state they are going too.  If you are mailing them across state lines, a free USDA permit is required. 
Butterflies can be shipped in any life stage.  Depending on what you plan on doing with them will determine what stage you should get.  Butterflies for release are usually shipped as butterflies, but if you are wanting to start your own butterfly farming business, then obtaining them as eggs, caterpillars or chrysalises would be the best choice.  This is also the way to go if you have a butterfly house for educational purposes, such as field trips and farm tours.
If you are raising them, you must know what they eat.  Each species has a certain host plant it feeds from.  Caterpillars do eat a lot!  You will also need to know how to grow and take care of the host plants.

If this is something of interest, I recommend you go to International Butterfly Breeders Association, Inc..  Here you will find a wealth of information and the opportunity to join this association.

What a wonderful way to make some extra income and brighten someone’s day!

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6 comments on “Making Money Mondays – Butterfly Farming

  1. We have a flower bed dedicated to butterfly and hummingbird plants that support each stage of the butterfly's life cycle. We have wanted to take it to the next stage and provide a place for the chrysalis stage and have often "toyed" with the idea to have a "butterfly" party and release butterflies…

    This idea intruigues me, ty for inspiring me to consider something like this as a business, will be checking out that link for sure!!

  2. Back in January I was in Costa Rica, doing research for a guy who runs a butterfly farm. It is an incredible operation. He makes millions of dollars each year, and nearly all of the profit goes towards replenishing the forests of Costa Rica that were logged in the 70's and 80's. The farm consists of a dozen different net buildings containing different species (and their host plants) at different times of their lives.

    Here's a picture that a friend with me took of a section of the puparium (where they kept the pupae). These ones were iridescent and looked like jewelry! One of the girls that worked there took a needle and put a pair on like earrings!

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