Work Ethic in Children: An Interview with the Shock Kids, Part 1



I interviewed my children on work ethic to see what they thought, what they have learned and what they would like to improve on.  After you see these comments, try interviewing your own children.  It is encouraging and enjoyable to hear their side of this issue.  And, a little convicting too! Don’t we all need a little nudging in the right direction at times?

  Question #1:  What would make work more enjoyable to you?

Being the competitive one, my 16 year-old said that she likes to make a game out of certain chores.  For example, seeing who can weed a 100 foot row the fastest (and doing it correctly!) makes this “dreaded” chore a little more bearable.  She also likes listening to music when she is working or engaging in good conversation if she is working with others.

My 12 year old son stated that he also likes to make games of certain chores, talking with others while working and most importantly (to him, anyway!), is getting a reward afterward for a job well done.

Next would be our nine year old daughter.  We are seeing a pattern here with another competitive game such as a race while they are working.  Her example was to see who could fill their bean bucket the fastest.  She also said that while she is doing her chores, she likes to think about the good things, the enjoyable things here on the farm.

Lastly, is my seven year old son.  It took a little longer to get an answer that fit what I was asking.  But, he said that work would be more enjoyable if he could do certain things when it is cooler outside.  He also said that he likes to work together and for everyone to help each other out.  I’m sure he was thinking more on others helping him out, but nonetheless, it is a good idea!

It was good to hear what works for them and makes some things more enjoyable and fun.  Although we can’t attempt to make every little chore or job fun for our children, it is good to at least listen to their side of the story and implement what we can.

Nothing is sweeter than chatting with one of my kids while weeding the garden, and I don’t particularly like to weed!  They usually share their dreams, future plans, school likes and dislikes and anything else they have on their mind.  Being creative and just talking with your children when working together can make a big difference!  Sometimes we just want to get it done, but relax a little, and take these opportunities to really enjoy your kids!  

I love to hear my little Savannah singing as she carries her egg basket to the barn.  My oldest daughter, Kaila, can weed through a garden row in no time if she is chatting with me or listening to her music.

Zeke, my 12 year old, will stick with me or my husband until the end.  He is usually the last one to hang in there, so it is easy to reward such a hard worker!

My little R.J, well, he’s just seven, but there are times when I have to go get him out of the barn after doing his chores because he has found something interesting to do!  Even my two-year-old gets excited about certain things, like digging up potatoes!  He chats away and exclaims his excitement at digging up another “gold mine!”

Later this week, I will repost the next questions on my interview with the kiddos!  I encourage you to try interviewing your own children!

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  1. Great article from your kids point of view. Makes me think I need to ask my kids the same thing! We usually team up or group work on most projects but it can be hard to keep them on track. And music is a constant request in our home.

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