How To Make Tea and Potpourri with Apple Peels

With apple season comes many leftover apple scraps.  We usually give our scraps to our feeder pigs and chickens, but some of you might not have these animals to feed or a compost to fill.  Maybe you have piggies and a compost pile, but just want to use the scraps for something else.  Or, maybe your pigs are going on an apple strike?

Making apple peel tea is extremely easy!  All you need is apple peels and water.

1 peel from a whole apple
1 cup of water

Of course, if you want more than just a single serving, double or triple the amount.  Put your peel in the saucepan of water and boil for 5-10 minutes, depending on how much water you have in the pan.  The less water, the less time you want to boil as you won’t have much water left!

You can add a cinnamon stick and other spices if you’d like.  I am partial to cinnamon.  You really can’t go wrong with cinnamon and apples!  To add a little zing, add lemon.  To sweeten it add honey.

You don’t need to add tea, but if you would like for it to have more of an actual tea flavor, go ahead and add your tea bags or loose tea like you normally would.  You could even try making ice tea too.

The more apples you use, the more your kitchen will smell wonderful as you just made some potpourri too!

Take the potpourri/tea a step further by adding a few whole cloves, a cinnamon stick(break in half) and a few small pieces of fresh ginger to your handful of apple peels and simmer in water.  Once you are done sniffing, strain out the liquid and drink it!

You can dry your peels and save them for the off season too. Who needs to buy apple/cinnamon tea bags anymore?


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