Foto Friday

Top from left to right: Me and June with A Wise Woman Builds Her Home
Bottom from left to right:  Rhonda with Walking with Sarah and Jacque with Deep Roots at Home
Last weekend we attended a wonderful event that Herb and Rhonda Devine hosted at their house called Remembering the Pilgrims.  June, Rhonda and I attend the same church, New Hope Christian Fellowship.  But, I had the pleasure of reuniting with my dear friend, Jacque, too!  What a blessed time we had!  
It was a windy day and I couldn’t help but feel anxious about the tent behind us, but God is good and it miraculously stayed put!  The men eventually took it down after it served it’s purpose.  
Many good memories have been made from that day!
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5 comments on “Foto Friday

  1. Susie, I can't believe you posted this picture of me!!!! Yes, it was a fun day dressing up as Indians and pilgrims and quite windy (did you see my hair?). I even had to wear the shades because of all the debris from the leaves that kept flying into my eyes. I think I will be a pilgrim next year if we have it again…….:) Fun times and my feet hurt from dancing when we got home!

  2. Susie,
    Please forgive me for so much time going by to visit and comment. Life has just gotten out of hand with both of our parents having major health issues and surgeries 2 and 3 hours away.
    Still today as I type, I feel the warmth and love of this time together with all of you. To sit and share from our hearts was a balm for my soul. I love you and tony so much and it was a real deep encouragement seeing how the Lord has grown and blessed your family since the 'olden days'! Lol
    I do hope we can all get time this summer to worship and fellowship together once more. May the Lord's care abound to you all!

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