The Shock’s Great Pyrenees Puppies are Here!

UPDATE!  We have one male left!  This little guy below is awesome and needs a good home! Contact me!

We have been blessed with an awesome litter of Great Pyrenees pups this year!  It is always an exciting and tiring time for us!  If you would like to learn more about our puppies, go here.  Let me share with you a little history…..

Did you know three of our puppies from  last year are going to be in a movie coming out on November 20th?  I am beyond excited and cannot wait to see it!  Here is the preview below.  Our very own Max is the one on the right at “puppy school.”  He plays the part of Hope, with the red cap on.  He also plays the part of Jingle, with the bell collar on, in some scenes!

When my oldest daughter saw the trailer for the first time, she called for me excitedly and as we watched our little Max “talking”, we started screaming like a bunch of nuts!  What a chance in a lifetime!

The main dog trainer for this movie has told us numerous times that Max’s nickname was “Superstar!”  They loved our puppies’ affectionate personalities and how they loved people.

Now, fast forward a few months……

What a life, huh?
I am very pleased to announce that we are officially advertising our pups!  They are CKC registered and the father is both AKC and CKC.  I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful these dogs have been.  From winning firsts in obedience and showmanship at the county level in 4-H, to winning first in the state and placing in the top ten in both obedience and showmanship.  And the exceptional thing about it is, my children trained them!  Of course, I help them from the side by giving pointers and keeping consistency in their practice, but they do it themselves!  
Below is Savannah, my nine year old daughter showing Lilly, the mother of this litter.  They placed in the top ten in obedience and showmanship at state! 
Owners of previous puppies are quite enthused at how easily trainable and smart they are.  So much for the Great Pyrenees getting a bad rap on trainability!  The Shock’s Great Pyrenees have debunked that myth!  Of course, it does depend on how you train them and when.  The key is to start early, as little as two months old for simple leash training and then go from there.  In no time you will have a big, obedient teddy bear of a dog!
A livestock protector, all around farm dog, indoor or outdoor companion or a good ole’ kid-friendly family dog, you can find one at the Shock Family Farm!
If you have what it takes to raise one of these beauties, check out our website,  We do ship!