Confessions of a Homesteader

Ahhhh, homesteading.  

Confession #1 – I don’t have it all together.  Nope, not in the least.

Confession #2 – I don’t go skippin’ through the fields of lavender.  Oh wait, I don’t even have fields of lavender.  Not yet……..

Confession #3 – I have stepped in chicken piles of you-know-what before heading off to church.

Confession #4 – I have wrestled an adult buck to the ground.  No joke.  More about that later.

Confession #5 – I have rounded up horses in our humble old Chrysler mini van.  Got a flat tire from it too.

Confession #6 – I left way too many tomatoes in the garden this fall.

Confession #7 – I really hate, I mean dislike squash bugs!

Confession #8 – Weeds?  Well yes, as a matter of fact, I had more than enough in my garden.

Confession #9 – I don’t make my own laundry detergent.  Gasp!

Confession #10 – Yes, we homeschool, but my 17 year old is taking an Anatomy and Physiology class at a Christian school.  Another gasp.

Confession #11- I don’t wear skirts all of the time.  But, I do wear aprons!

Confession #12 – I drink coffee.  Oh yeah.

Confession #13 – We have run out of grain before, and had to give our goats quick cooking oats until the next grain delivery came.  I had to swallow hard before I confessed that one.  

Confession #14 – I find great pleasure in seeing a Houdini goat receiving a shock from the electric fence.  Evil laugh.  I’m mean, poor thing.

Confession #15 – My children go barefoot, even in the barn.

And there you have it.  My homesteading life isn’t the picture perfect life we all dream of.  But, I love it and thank God for this little bit of land He has given us.  After all, I guess He figures we are nutty enough to take on this homesteading challenge!

Okay.  It’s your turn.  Any other homesteader confessions out there?  Come on, don’t be shy!

10 comments on “Confessions of a Homesteader

  1. Love it πŸ™‚ We are completely unconventional in many areas too and I fear to print some of our follies… Thanks for sharing the truth. It feels good to know that we aren't all "professionals"! And if we had an electric fence, I too would be jolly to see the little escapee goats getting zapped! They have gotten into our garden twice this season and it sure brings out evil thoughts of goat chops! Have a wonderful week πŸ™‚

    • Yes! My son keeps telling me he would love to butcher one of our goats and put it in the freezer. It has escaped so many times! It is good to look back and laugh at all of our little incidence!

  2. Transparency is such a beautiful thing. In this case….sl;ightly gross too. I just hope you weren't barefoot when you stepped in the chicken poo….. πŸ™‚

  3. We don't have the picture perfect homestead. We have piles of "stuff" laying strategically around the yard. Skids, boards, someone else's old deck, chicken wire rolls(in various sizes)buckets(i'm looking out the window now) fence posts and anything else we might need one day. We also don't have the pretty barn and outbuildings. We have a three car garage that has never seen a car, but houses animals and equipment. And off said garage/barn are three lean-to's meant to store what was supposed to be in the garage, but turned into animal pens instead. Metal roofing is a staple here and it doesn't seem to matter what color. Joseph had the coat of many colors…we have the roofs of many colors. I have stepped in and wore pretty much every poop and I even got in the way of a randy buck, and wore that too! Life is good.

  4. Ok, Since we're confessing….I'm not as brave as I pretend to be. One time when I was in the chicken coop a hen jumped off of her perch and right on the top of my head!! I ran screaming like a banchee from the coop. I think I traumatized everyone in the barnyard especially the chicken!!:) We spent hours laughing about it!

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