Foto Friday – Snow on the Farm

 Four of our apple trees above.
Part of our back pasture.

My favorite pine tree

Black Bear, our Great Pyr mix, comes alive in the snow!
Bird bath and cherub statue
Waking up to a fresh blanket of snow is quite wonderful, even though I am ready for spring.  The beauty of it all makes me appreciate the here and now.  Spring will come, but I’m going to enjoy the quite winter months as much as I can.
Besides, snow is good for the farm.  One of the most important benefits is that it keeps moisture in the ground.  With our sandy soil, we need as much moisture as we can get!  And, without snow, very cold and freezing temperatures could damage roots by freezing the soil deeper.
This is a good reminder to be thankful, always thankful in any and every circumstance.  We can fight it, groan about it and be miserable, but ultimately God is in control.  And when we truly believe this, we can rest assure that His will is a whole lot better than ours!
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7 comments on “Foto Friday – Snow on the Farm

  1. Beautiful pics. There's not much nicer than watching the snow falling and coating the mud and drab with a coat of pristine white. I'm very thankful for the snow (what little we've had) and the cold. The land needs this and it sure helps with the summer bug population which was horrid last year because of the mild winter.

  2. Yes, I agree with ourlittleacres…while I enjoy the balmy days in FL, we need some really cold weather to kill off the bugs, especially the fleas!!!!!! They were horrible last summer, my poor dog! And according to the pet store where I shop, everyone was having issues…..

    But I do like the snow….but only for a short time, just long enough to enjoy it's beauty!

  3. Oh your pics really are beautiful! We still haven't had nearly as much snow as we usually get, but at least it has been cold enough. The ground hornets were unforgiving last year with our "winter of no winter", so we were really hoping for some hard temps to kill some of them off.

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