How to Get Rid of the Winter Blues

I have to admit, wintertime and me don’t go together very well.  I’m pretty sure I take after my dad.  He would get the winter blues and drive my mom a little crazy by following her all over the house.  But, in the summer time, we couldn’t keep him indoors.

Although I do not follow my husband or children around the house, I do have to fight back the cagey feeling.  My children can get a little restless as well.

Here are a few things we do to keep our sanity.

Restless and bored do not go together well, so the single most important thing I do is to keep busy.  To be honest, I don’t have to work at being busy!  Between homeschooling, housework, children, animals, blogging, home business, cooking and extra curricular activities, there isn’t much time for being bored.

But, there are times when I get the itch for spring, more like a severe itch.  That is when I use down time to plan for this year’s garden, farm projects and read homesteading books and magazines.  I love to plan and I devour anything having to do with gardening, farm business and other homesteading topics.

Where do your interests lie?  Take this time to do more research on your interests and learn as much as you can.  I have learned so much in the winter time by doing this.  Because I am not distracted by the everyday farm and garden maintenance like I am in the spring and summer, my entrepreneurial juices start flowing and other creative ideas surface.

What about your kids, you ask?  Are they running around like a bunch of caged animals?  They too, need to keep busy.

 I get new coloring books during this time.  My kids love to color.  They also love to draw.  I found big sketchbooks and journals at a discount store for very cheap.  Anything creative is encouraged, even duck tape creations!  We also bring out more games.  Games are pretty much nonexistent during the warmer weather!

Television has it’s place, and although we do not have any channels, we do get Netflix streaming.  So, yes, my children do watch a little bit more shows than they normally would in warmer weather.  But, I like for them to use their noggin so movies are still limited.  They are not entitled to watch a show everyday.  What they are entitled to and are required to do is read more.

They do get outside time in the morning by doing their specific chores on the farm, but there are times when I encourage them(strongly) to go outside for awhile.  Not only are they getting their vitamin D, they are exercising and releasing some of that pent up energy.

Boy I wish I had some of that energy!

This season is a wonderful time to get caught up on a project you can never seem to finish.  My husband and I rearranged our bedroom which meant we moved every piece of furniture including the bed, organized and threw away a lot of junk in the process and now we have a more spacious, decluttered room.  We also rearranged the living room.  This old farmhouse has only three smaller bedroom closets, that’s it.  No where else in the entire house will you find a closet!  With five children, it has become a major struggle to keep it all neat and tidy.  Rearranging rooms definitely helps!

Another way to get rid of the winter blues is by showing hospitality.  Invite friends over for dinner or host a party.  Good fellowship is key anytime of the year, but it does help to lift our dull moods when the weather is too cold.

So, this time of year, I am diving into homesteading books, planning the garden, trying to write another business plan, finishing an ebook, just hosted a New Year’s Eve party and fine tuning farm goals along with tackling my regular duties.  Will I get it all done by spring?

Here’s hoping!

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8 comments on “How to Get Rid of the Winter Blues

  1. We're just getting into winter here (expecting snow later this week!), so I'm not itching for spring just yet (although those seed catalogs have started arriving in the mailbox…). Love the opportunity to tackle those to-do lists since we don't have as many outdoor hours. Hope you get yours done! Blessings, Lisa πŸ™‚

  2. Oy, the winter cage feeling. O.O We've got it here. It didn't help that we couldn't be outside much this summer due to the fires and all of the smoke that settled in the valley. (we're in SW Idaho) My girls and I struggle when we feel locked up. This mama is almost 8 1/2 pregnant (this Thursday) I am trying everyday to think up ways to keep my girls and I mentally engaged so maybe, just maybe, we can ignore how badly we long to go outside and bask in the warmth of summer. <3

  3. Our winter hasn't been overly cold. Quite a few days in the upper 20's and 30's so it really hasn't kept us too confined. It's the rain and mud that keeps us in! Now the last 3 days my 3 year old has been sick and that's rough because when his fever is down (it went over 104 yesterday pm) and he feels good he wants to go outside with his sissys.We're supposed to hit 60F in a few days which definitely makes it hard to have the blahs! I don't like that because too many warm days and trees start budding.

  4. This is the time of year is when I am oh so glad we live in Tennessee – I can pretty much work outside all year round. In the middle of summer when it is 95ΒΊ with 95% humidity and the entire garden is covered in fungus and the wild bermuda grass is threatening to take over the world, it is a little harder to be so glad…. πŸ™‚

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