How to Set Homesteading Goals for 2013

Are you feeling a little lost because you have not mapped out any direction for 2013?  Is the thought of goal setting a little daunting to you?  Here is an easy way to give your 2013 year a road map.  For those who do not have a homestead, this can still apply to you as well!

The first step in setting goals is to look at the end result.  Where do you want your homestead to be in five years? Ten years? Don’t worry about getting too specific right now, but in 5-10 years you should be thinking about your ultimate goal on the farm or backyard homestead.  For example, our goal in five years is to have a self-sustaining farm that will generate a comfortable income without having to work outside of the farm. There is a lot more to our goal, but that is it in a nutshell.

Now, think about ways that you can start moving towards that goal.  Ways that are attainable and reachable for 2013.  For us, we need to think about more ways to generate income from the farm on top of what we are already doing.  And, we have to think of keeping it as self-sustaining as possible.  We do not want to rely heavily on outside resources to keep the farm running.  Which means that we also have to think about generating our own food supply as much as possible.

Write down some ideas that will contribute to your five year goal, then break those down into what can be done this year, and what can wait until next year.  Prioritize your goals and make them user friendly.  Don’t make goals that are next to impossible to reach!   This can take some time and lots of prayer, but do not give up!  The more you break down your goals, the more specific they will be.  For example, before we can even consider getting sheep, we must replace our high tensile wire with field fence. So, building fences is a top priority for us this year.

Of course, these goals might change next year or next week, but you have some direction. I encourage you to work on these goals together with your spouse.  You must be one on this with no confusion on what your ultimate goal is.

You can also use this method with spiritual goals, personal goals and family goals as well.

Now, what are your goals?  Do share!

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8 comments on “How to Set Homesteading Goals for 2013

  1. I'm so excited that you posted this Susie because you've encouraged me to look around our little property (approx 1/4 acre) and we realize there is still room for some small homesteading. Our landlord approved us to have a few chickens and although we would love more, we are thankful to start with that. We are also adding a few raised beds for veggies, as our previous gardens would not grow in our gravely soil. If there is enough money left over we would also like to add some berry bushes in containers so if we move we can take them with us! This fall we planted a fruit tree in the front yard. Even though we are renting I felt that it was a good investment!:)

    I also followed your goat milk soap tutorial and made a batch for Christmas gifts and they were a HUGE hit!!

    Thanks again for all your encouragement! You're blog is one of my fav's!!

  2. You are getting me giddy with excitement for you and your family! I love hearing about other people's homesteading goals:) And the soap….awesome! I'm so glad you are enjoying Our Simple Farm, thank you!

  3. I JUST happened upon your little place of heaven on earth! I'm SO encouraged about what you have to offer & share. I will definitely be visiting you often & taking in ALL the delightful-ness you have to offer!

    New Year Blessings from Kentucky,

  4. Hello Susie! I am new to your blog. I found you via youtube by searching for goatmilk lotion recipes. We live on our family farm but do not farm it. My husband's dad does as he lives down the road from us.

    We garden for ourselves and I have waterbath canned for a while and last year started pressure canning. We raise a couple goats to milk for ourselves. We took a class and learned to make cheese and also make yogurt, buttermilk, and ice cream.

    Goals to help our family this year are…

    To put together the greenhouse I got for free (all I had to do was tear it down) so that we may have a garden sooner and some of it longer in our harsh Iowa weather. We also bought grow lights for our garage until then.

    Kicking around the idea of growing our own chickens since we already do our own beef. Need to make it a goal…yes I know!

    I have a blog that I share recipes, most with step by step photos. I hope to contribute to that a little more this year. As a mom of 2 children, one a special needs child and doing what I can around the house time is sometimes limited. Family first.

    Also to continue to do what I already do that I have been successful in such as making our own bread and broth(no more store bought,)freezer meals as well as the regular meals I cook from scratch, gardening, goat milk, and sharing with others (garden goodies, milk, food ideas and general encouragement that they can do it too!)

    Thanks for reading my ramble!

  5. This is great advice, Susie. I looked over my goals for 2012 and they were so vague and non specific that I couldn't even honestly tell whether I'd accomplished anything or not. So I decided to be much more specific this year. Here are my goals:

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