Foto Friday – It is Well With My Soul

It is Well With My Soul is a song that means so much to me.  We sang this beautiful hymn at my son’s funeral almost five years ago.  He was a stillborn, 37 weeks along.  Since then, I had another stillborn at five months, which is the picture you see above with my husband and Levi in his tiny little box.  Two more miscarriages followed.   
Through it all, I have learned a lesson that was not easy to learn.  
“When peace, like a river, attendeth my way,
when sorrows like sea billows roll;
whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say,
It is well, it is well with my soul.”

I can say, with strength but not my own, that it truly is well with my soul.  Through the pain and suffering of losing children, He has taught me to trust Him completely, even when it does not make sense.   
When we sing this song at church, it gets me almost every time.  Through choking back tears and squeaking my way through the song, I know in my heart that He has given me peace.  His name is Jesus.  Oh, how I love Him!
Trials will come.  Some of you are going through difficult times right now.  Is it well with your soul?   It can be.
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8 comments on “Foto Friday – It is Well With My Soul

  1. I do love that song as well. It has touched me since I heard my cousing sing it. He had an amazing voice for an 8 year old. I am sure he still sings wonderfully.

    I have had four miscarriages in the first trimester. I don't think it even compares to the hurt and sorrow of a miscarriage as you have experienced so many times. Yet, you are strong – because He is strong.

  2. Having experienced the emotional pain of early, early miscarriage (twice), my heart goes out to you, Susie. A dear friend lost her baby in childbirth years ago, and your photo brought back to mind the day we laid that sweet babe to rest…one of the most "real" experiences in my life, second only to giving birth to our sweet babes. Peace be with you as you remember knowing your precious little ones rest in the arms of our great and merciful Lord.
    Blessings, ~Lisa 🙂

  3. Yes, it is. I have learned the power of making hymns a large part of my own personal worship, and they get me through the tough times.

    So sorry for your losses, but I think you will know what I mean when I say 'He is faithful'.

    ~Kristi@Let This Mind Be in You

  4. This is so beautiful…I am blessed through your sharing. Growing up my mom had several still births and we had funerals for each one and I still concider them brothers I wasn't able to meet. Always believe that you are a mother!

    I have been reading your blog for some time now and always leave totally convicted! Thank you!

    I would like to invite you to share in a new series a few of us are starting called "mom woman of faith". Each Saturday a group of mothers respond to a question–this week we are discussing what it means to be a Christian mother. Please come and add your thoughts and concider contributing! Next week we will discuss being a Christian wife.


  5. Thanks for sharing – we also sang this Hymn at my sister's funeral. The man who wrote it certainly knew God's comfort in his own grief of losing children.

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