Foto Friday – Where is Your Peace?

When I look out my kitchen window, I see the huge garden, barn, apple trees and clothesline.  It is quite peaceful to see when I’m doing the dishes.  I can also spot if something is wrong or someone escapes the small pasture behind the barn(that isn’t very peaceful).
But, above is just an everyday occurrence at the farm that I thought I would take a picture of.  The dogs are playing, the ducks are happily waddling around, and yes, it is peaceful to me.
This may not seem like much, but as a homesteader, I can’t stress enough the importance of finding peace where you are.  Sometimes we have to search for it, to seek it out, but it is there nonetheless. We need it, sometimes desperately!  The more we can find peace in ordinary or even hectic situations, the easier it is for us to see it, to feel it and experience it.
Where is your peace?  Have you allowed the stress of life to squelch it?  The One who gives peace has been trying to show you.  Are you seeing it?
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8 comments on “Foto Friday – Where is Your Peace?

  1. Hi there! I'm enjoying your blog since discovering it a month or so ago.
    I find peace in the Word of God, first. After that I find it in Creation. Our back view at our farm is the neighbor's hillside with a herd of beef cattle. So peaceful!
    Have a great weekend!

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