Replacing the Grocery Store Challenge Day 4 – How Much Space?

How are you all doing with the challenge so far?  I hope I am not overwhelming you with the assignments, but I really want to get the gardening side of things all planned out and ready to go.  Some of you in warmer climates have started your seeds indoors already.  I, on the other hand, won’t be starting mine until next month.  Either way, let’s get our gardens planned out shall we?

During this challenge, it is important to know that we can’t do it all.  So, please, do not feel guilty if you can’t do what others are doing!  Some of us are more seasoned gardeners and/or have more space than others, some of us are more knowledgeable in making good use of our milk products or growing our own grains.  Some of us are experts at harvesting and preserving, while others know more about raising our own meat.

That is one of the reasons I created the Replacing the Grocery Store Challenge Group on facebook.  We can come together and share our knowledge, ask questions and make new friends.  Let me tell you, in just one day we have over 180 people and it is a hoppin’ page!  Some of you are already connecting with each other and I am so excited to see the interaction!

After doing today’s assignment, you should have a better idea of how much space you will need to plan out your garden.  I will try to draw mine out and put it on here.  Just know that I’m not an artist!  It won’t be pretty, but you can take a look into my little world and what it will hopefully look like soon!

Two books that I absolutely love are The Backyard Homestead and  The Backyard Homestead, Guide to Raising Animals.  If you want information on anything pertaining to being more self-sustainable without a whole lot of space, these are two of my favorites! 


Also, next week I will be doing a review and giveaway on another great book for backyard homesteaders that was just recently released!  I think it will come in handy during this challenge as well.

Day 4 challenge – Find out how much space is required for each vegetable.
Here we go again.  Are you sick of math yet?  I am actually, but it must be done in order to find out how much space is needed and if we need to adjust our servings if we do not have enough space.
Your last assignment was to figure out how many pounds you need for each veggie.  You can’t move on to step four unless you have step three done.  I’m going to keep using beans as my example.  So here is what I have after last assignment in the second column of my chart.
Remember, 45 is the number of average pounds per a 100 foot row.  14-23 is the average pounds per 100 foot square feet  (remember, that is 10 x 10 or 20 x 5).  And 104 is my number of pounds needed per year for beans.
Since we know the average pounds required for a certain amount of space, we can figure out how much we need.  I usually go by the 100 foot rows as it is easier for me and my garden is usually laid out as such.  
If it takes 45 pounds for a 100 foot row and I want 104 pounds of beans, then I must increase my rows to at least 2 100 foot rows.  If you double the 45 pounds, you get 90.  That is pretty close to 104, but since my family loves beans, I am just going to increase it to 3 100 foot rows.
Some of you might not have enough space for 100 foot rows, so just decrease your yields to whatever works for you.  Once you figure out your yields and space, fill in the third and fourth columns.  If you do have adjusted yields and changed your space required, make sure you go back and change your servings too.  That way when you go back and look at your garden notes, you won’t be confused and wondering why you had such poor yields!
If you haven’t printed out the chart yet, here it is.

And if you want to cheat a little, here is mine!  Remember, we are a family of seven.

Notice I haven’t changed my servings yet where I adjusted my pounds.  So, make sure you change those if need be.

We are almost done with the chart!  Yes!  We will celebrate with a giveaway next week!

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