Replacing the Grocery Store Challenge Day 6 – Preserving Methods

On my quest to replace a big portion of the grocery store, I am learning that perseverance is key.  There are some days that I do not feel like making more toothpaste or deodorant, but I must keep focused on the goal.  I also am not going to throw in the towel if I, for some reason or another, have to buy something that I normally make or grow at home.  I refuse to beat myself up over it, accept this little thing called LIFE and move on.  Of course, I do not want to make this a habit.

This challenge will have it’s ups and downs.  In the process of becoming more self-sufficient, our mindset will gradually change into being more creative and determined.  Determined to put as little in that ole’ grocery cart as we can, determined to make do with what we have on hand, determined to create new products at home, determined  to use our God-given minds and hands to use our land to it’s potential and determined to persevere!

But, it won’t happen overnight!  This could take as little as a year for some.  For others, it could take 5- 10 years.  Is either length of time right or wrong?  Of course not.

Remember, even if you only replace one item at the grocery store this year, you are better off than you were before!

Today, you will complete the vegetable chart.  Use this chart to plan out your garden.  You should have everything you need by now to know what you are growing, how much you will need and how much space it will take to grow it.

Day 6 Assignment – Write down how you plan on preserving your harvest.
After day five’s assignment, next to the amount of seed you need, write down how you plan on preserving what you grow.  I like to make it pretty well-rounded, some will be stored in the cellar, some will be canned and some will be put in the freezer.  I did not write down dehydrated, as I plan on drying whatever I can anyway.  Think about how much storage space you need as well.  If you have a lot of freezer space, then freeze more.  If you do not have a cellar and do not plan on building one or making makeshift cellars, then this storage method should be off the list.

Pretty simple, right?  Now you can lay out your garden and figure out where you will plant what.  Remember, crop rotation is very important!  Keep that in mind as you design your garden.  A fun tool to use is at GrowVeg.  You can plan out your garden with a free trial.  I did this and loved it!  I wanted to share with you all, but my garden is so big, it will not allow me to share it.  Go here for more info.

Tomorrow is giveaway time!  Don’t forget!

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  1. Day 6 Ok so I'm falling behind, it seems like there is always so much to do. So I put off shearing the last 10 sheep to plan the garden and start seedlings, no big deal it is still cold and yucky out. I miss milk, the store bought stuff makes me feel terrible so can't wait for the goats to kid even though that makes 2x more work in my day. I bought more jars and working on cleaning the other 500 I bought to get ready to can my little heart out. 52 jars of tomatoes last year apple sauce,plums, cherry preserves and blackberry syrup. Those were all free except the tomatoes I had to buy them. It is amazing the people that will give their apples and pears away as if they are a nuisance. This year a garden.. and a hightunnel house (thank you NRCS) Ready for day 7.

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