Giveaway: Backyard Farming on an Acre (More or Less)

Are you dreaming of a little farm in your backyard, but the thought of it all overwhelms you?  Angela England, the author of Backyard Farming on an Acre (more or less), has written this book just for you.  Her book also appeals to the more seasoned homesteaders as well.
In these uncertain times, many are desiring to become more self sufficient, and you can no matter what size yard you have.  This book opens the door to many possibilities.  Here is a breakdown of it’s content.

1.  Living Large on a Small Scale includes:  The Backyard  Farm Adventure; Finding Land :  What Do You Need?; Building on Land You Already Own
2.  Gardening on a Backyard Farm includes:  What and How Much Do You Want to Grow?; Tools and Skills for the Backyard Farmer; Gardening Smart from the Start; Get the Most from Your Garden; Vegetables for the Backyard Farm; Kitchen Herb Gardens; Fruits, Berries, and More; Heirloom Plants and Saving Seeds
3.  Animals on a Backyard Farm includes:  Keeping Chickens on a Small Scale; Rabbits on a Backyard Farm; Sheep and Goats:  Backyard Multitaskers; Beekeeping in the Backyard
4.  Enjoying the Bounty includes:  A Seasonal Guide to Managing Your Harvest; Canning and Freezing Produce and Meat; Dehydrating and Smoking; Root Cellars and Basements; Preserving Garden Herbs
5.  Crafting from the Backyard Farm includes:  Making Butter, Yogurt and Cheese; Fibers:  From Sheep to Sweater; Home Brewing Cider and Wine; Goat’s Milk Soap Making; Other Ways to Use Your Harvest
There is something for everyone in this packed book of information.  Whether you are looking for how to grow certain vegetables or raising your own rabbits, you will find something that you can learn from and reference back to form time to time.
Backyard Farming on an Acre (more or less) shares possible layouts for a quarter-acre lot up to an acre lot.  Included in the back are plans for simple structures such as a chicken coop and goat shed.  I always love visual layouts and instructions, so this was very appealing to me!
Win a Copy of Backyard Farming on an Acre (more or less)!
To enter, just use the Rafflecopter widget below.  Please leave a comment below and share what your biggest goal in becoming self sufficient is.

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  1. My biggest goal in becoming self sufficient….that my children will do likewise. My husband and I do our very best to live what we hope for them. If we wouldn't want them doing something (say, drinking) we won't do it either…at all. (disclaimer: nothing against a sip of wine, just an example). The best thing about this self sufficiency journey is that they are learning right along with us! Some of my favorite moments is when we all discover something at the same time! That first flower in the garden, then the first pea pod! The first egg in the chicken coop….or the day we found out we didn't have 2 female bunnies…rather a male and female…and kits! That was a pretty awesome day!

  2. Our biggest goal right now is to provide more of our own food – things we grew or raised right here.

  3. Always experimenting w/ growing diffferent things. Hoping for a very productive garden this year! Lorie

  4. This looks to be right up our ally! We are doing what we know we can in our back yard but I bet there is so much more we can be doing.

  5. This looks interesting! We already raise a lot of our own food, but I know we could be doing a lot more and do it better! Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. Not having to rely on anyone for anything—being able to provide for my children no matter what happens. Letting them grow up learning that hard work produces food, and that a simple life is a happy life! 🙂
    ~Heather @ The Welcoming House

  7. My ultimate goal is to grow, make, produce, create, and barter for as much as I possibly can. I want to rely less and less on anything to do with money. Unfortunately we can't start over right now so eliminating the mortgage, car insurance, car fuel, electricity, and internet are not possible. But when it comes food and consumables it is my goal to be as self-sufficient as possible. I am encouraging my daughter and her husband to build their home from recycled shipping containers. I wish I could go back and do that, maybe someday…My more immediate goal is to continue to learn what I can and can't produce on my 3 wooded acres, less than 1 acre of which actually gets some sun, so I would love the help of this book!

  8. Our biggest goal is to save money! We are working on learning how to can and garden in the hopes that we can cut back on both our grocery bill and the amount of processed food we are eating.

  9. We already grow an organic garden and have a small selection of fruit trees. My next goal is to have a small flock of laying hens.

  10. The more I read and learn about the myriad dangers of conventional, "industrial" food, the more I want to raise and grow my own, safely and flavorfully – and raise any children with whom I might one day be blessed to know and understand, from experience, where their food comes from!

  11. My biggest goal is to eliminate the grocery store and be able to completely be self sustaining in feeding my family of 10, while managing farm animals and land to pay for themselves and us.

  12. My biggest goal at the moment (as we already have a lot of things we already do) is obtaining solar panels to fuel our own electric! We have an outdoor wood stove and I would love to be able to fuel it on our own!

  13. To live and teach my children a simpler way of life. To eat healthier. To work as a family.

  14. I would like to rely less on the grocery store for fruits and veggies and rely more on myself.

  15. I'm hoping to help my family take the edge off of bills and overall life, by getting a vegetable garden, chickens, and possibly a goat or two.

  16. My biggest goal is to just educate myself and KNOW how to do all these things so that even if I never have my own space to do this, I will at least have the knowledge! Baby steps for now!

  17. I live in town so I can't really do too much as far as animals.Oh how I wish I could have a milk cow!! I do have chickens for eggs. I want to plant a big garden and learn more about gardening and I would LOVE to plant some fruit trees!

  18. Just what I need. Want to plant a big garden this year, teach myself how to can and be able to have a good supply of good foods for my family. Thanks for the opportunity.

  19. My biggest goal to become self sufficient is to stay out of the grocery store and feed our family of 8 going on 9:)with our garden and our animals, we live on 2 acres in the mountain of British Columbia. We moved here from a big city 2 years ago to make a better life for our growing family.I also want to leave this knowledge to my 7 children so they can carry on with their families when the time comes <3

  20. My biggest goal in becoming self sufficient is, Growing my own vegetables for eating fresh and preserved, also to have my own backyard hens for fresh eggs, I'd also like to have a few goats for milk! 🙂

  21. My biggest goal is pretty big, considering we still live in the suburbs. But I'd love to grow all our vegetables, fruit, and meat. Ha! For now, that means chickens, and as many edibles as I can squeeze into our yard.

  22. My biggest goal in becoming self to know what is in my food that I feed my family with.

  23. My husband and I have a goal that if we needed to be we could be 100% self sufficient. Never know with the times when you might need to be !

  24. My biggest goal to becomin self sufficient is to can enough fruits and vegetables to last my family through the fall/winter. I also want to learn how to butcher chickens, and not feel queasy about it, so I can start raising a few meat chickens.

  25. My biggest goal is to create a place that is ecologically and sustain ally sound. Currently I live closer to town than ideal because I don't have enough space to truly take advantage of all there is to offer (I have a ton of containers and a garden plot 22×25). Hence, my biggest goal is not only to grow more food but do it in an economical, simple and sustainable way. I aim to continually improve my life.

  26. My biggest goal in becoming more self-sufficient is to raise animals for meat. We grow our food and raise hens for eggs, and have butchered some, but I want to expand to include meat birds, beef and lamb.

    • My goal this year is to expand my garden (aLOT) and put in fruit trees/bushes. And of course, preserve it all!!

  27. I have a small backyard and have tried having my own garden in the past. I have failed and really would love to eat more naturally grown foods and get my boys involved as well.

  28. Our biggest issue has been living in rentals. We just purchased our first home (luckily on 2ac) but now we are in year one of our long term gardening & homesteading plan

  29. We live 15 miles from the nearest grocery store.With the way gas cost and the general cost of everything going up it would be awesome to be able to not rely so heavily on driving to get what we need from the store.

  30. My biggest wish? To be able to be as self-sufficient as possible in providing food for my household. This will involve some big changes in eating habits as well as maximizing food preservation, but will allow us to control most if not all what goes in our mouths, and comes out of our pocketbooks. Thank you for this giveaway!

    Kathleen in IL

  31. My biggest goal is to grow enough to fill my pantry so I don't 'have' to buy at the store. I also want enough that my grown children can have some from the pantry.

  32. Thanks for the great give away! I always love as much info as I can get to make the most out of my <2 acre yard. Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win this book.

  33. To be able to produce all of our own meats and vegetables, so we no longer need to buy them from the store. Also to show our boys ( and be examples to them) of a simpler and better life for them. So they can grow up with better values as well.

    Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! Would love to have this book and learn from it!


  34. Our goal is stop relying on the grocery store. I want the children to understand where food comes from and to learn the value of work ethic. Plus, having our son diagnosed with Down Syndrome has intensified our desire to have wholesome chemical/hormone/genetically modified free food.

  35. I love this blog and this book sounds fantastic. Our family has so much to learn – but we are learning that you cannot pass important things to your children if you do not know them yourself. We want to be an example to them, as well as teach them to be self-sufficient in the ever-changing world.

  36. Our biggest Self sufficiency goal is to bring up our children with a farm work ethic and an appreciation for homegrown food. The other stuff is really important too but the biggest reason we moved to the country was to immerse our kids in this lifestyle.

  37. We've been pretty self sufficient for over thirty years, but would now like to get off the grid, or at least lessen our dependancy on it….would like to incorporate wind and solar power.

  38. My biggest goal is to be able to have my husband retire from active duty and not have to worry about moving around the country every few years.

  39. My biggest goal this year is to plant a garden and maybe have a few chickens. My ultimate goal is to grow and preserve most of our food and be more self sufficient. I've really enjoyed reading your blog and appreciate you sharing all your experiences with us!

  40. We moved out to "the country" in order to find a plot of land to be self-sufficent. We have started a small garden but knowledge is the key in making it productive enough not to have to make a 30+ minute drive to a grocery store. Can't wait to get my hands dirty again.

  41. My biggest goal is to grow most of what we eat and to inspire at least 1 other person to do the same.

  42. I want to keep building my garden, larger and more productive. I also want to start some lettuce and herbs in window boxes. This year i am taking out part of my lawn and making it edibles…

  43. My goal for my family, in becoming more self sufficient, is to not only grow most of our own fruits and vegetables, but to raise our own meat and to make man of our own cheeses as well.

  44. My biggest goal is to be able to feed my family and support ourselves from the farm when we get to retirement age. We still have 10 to 15 years to go but I know it will be worth it in the long run.

  45. I want to give my children the experience of being able to do most things for themselves… While at the same time developing a sense of community for them with our friends and neighbors as we help one another.

  46. I am trying to replace items that I regularly buy…like granola bars and chocolate syrup to make them healthier. Thank for the chance to win!

  47. My biggest goal would have to be my families health. Also, I really want to be prepared for any changes that life throw us, such as a loss of job etc.

  48. My biggest goal would have to be my familes health. Also, I really want to be prepared for any changes that life throws us, such as loss of income.

  49. My goal in being more self sufficient is to reduce the amount of mystery chemicals, hormones, pesticides etc. that my family ingests.
    – Mary-Ellen –

  50. Our goal is to turn our little five acres into a 95% self sufficient farm. I would like to grow all of our own food, produce our own energy, and learn to make all of our own personal care items. Our #1 goal, though, is to earn enoufh cash flow from our land for my husband to work from here.

  51. Lately we've become very aware of the unhealthy additives in our food, as well as the dangers of the harmful chemicals sprayed on our food and GMOs. What took us so long? Our goal is to produce enough food at home to cut our grocery bill in half and to seriously decrease our exposure to dangerous chemicals, hormones, etc.

  52. My biggest overall goal is to be able to grow/preserve as much of my family's fruits and vegetables as possible. My biggest goal for this year is to get a large root vegetable garden installed/built/whatever you call it.

  53. My biggest goal is to have a self sustaining garden..manure from animals and scraps in compost becomes garden soil..chickens work compost into grows most of our veggie needs..scraps become compost..plant cover crop..turn under soil and start again!

  54. We have a good garden going and chickens, but, I would like to increase our animals to have a at home dairy option would be fantastic. Thanks for hosting such a great give away!!

  55. My biggest goal is to shop RARELY at conventional grocery stores (which is pretty much all we have here)…to get almost all our food locally sourced or (even better) grown by us.

  56. I really want to step up my fruit production and preservation, and possibly to start raising chickens for eggs. I hope to be able to freeze and dry much of my veggie harvest this eyar as well.

  57. My biggest goal is to grow our own vegetables in raised beds & start a small orchard. I would also like to preserve what I can and learn how to store things after harvest.

  58. My biggest goal right now is a successful garden. We bought this house a couple of years ago and the ground is horrible! I'm trying, without success, to make a compost pile. Hopefully all this snow that got dumped on us will be the moisture it needed.

  59. Thanks for the giveaway. I live in an apartment so can only do minimal gardening in pots on my tiny front stoop. My goal is to live frugally but well, sell my handmade items and put the profits towards my 5 year goal of owning my own little homestead. Then my goal will change to being as self dependent as possible and living out my days this way.

  60. By biggest goal is to spend my days tending to my gardens, goats & chickens, making my soaps and cooking from what we grow to take the best care of my family that I can.

  61. We would love to teach our children in a more hands on, lasting way, the satisfaction of hard work well done. That it holds its own rewards. That investing in any living thing pays dividends that are better than tangible things. So, of course, a more agrarian and farmish lifestyle is attractive to us. Also, of course, are many health and monetary fringe benefits.

  62. I would love to know what is in all of our food. If I grow/produce it, I know what is is it. I also hope to instill a desire in my children to want to take control of the way they live and the food they eat.

  63. I would love to have a much better garden this year, my second year gardening, than I did last year. I want my children to see the process fruits and veggies go through before they are able to be eaten.

  64. I could really use this to help become as self sufficient as possible as such uncertain times face us. This would be a GREAT help to us.

  65. My name is Jean. I don't have any of the accounts in the menu below. Why can't I just sign this with my name and email like so many other websites allow? My dream is to have a few acres and some chickens, but I live on an average suburban lot. I do have a garden and can and freeze my produce. I would love to win this book.

  66. My biggest goal in becoming self sufficient is learning and practicing sustainable permaculture, to teach my children the skills needed to help provide real food, and real skills, for our family, and their future families- so they can teach their children as well. The signs that it is time are all around, and Yah has provided the knowledge and support Now, for us to prepare Now. My children are VERY excited- and they're excitement is contagious. We are working to keep up with all they want to learn!

  67. Well we have our beef & lamb & pork taken care of so I think it's getting some meat chickens & growing them so we don't have to purchase any meat at all. Also growing a bigger garden & purchasing local products over interstate ones.

  68. We have dabbled in home "farming" /gardening for years – mostly herbs, tomatoes and variety peppers and found it to be very gratifying and fulfilling of a need (void) inside us that we didn't even know was there! It's kind of a combination of personal accomplishment, self reliance, connection and nurturing (and being nurtured with and by nature, It's just all around a good feeling and experience!

    Thank you for your sharing, caring and inspiration!

    Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

  69. biggest goal: hmmmmm, for right now, it's purchasing & managing 2 honey bee hives!! i'm excited about it, but a little nervous too. not so much about being stung as it is the responsibility for caring for them. they're not a lot of work really, but i just don't know much yet about it all. but i'm getting them from a local beekeeper, and he's always just a phone call away. yay!

  70. My goal for this year: for my children (and myself!) to see the fruits of our labor through planting a garden. We live in such a fast paced society- and even though most of the activities we do are good9 soccer, yoga, church, etc) it seems we need something to help us SLOW DOWN and work together as a family. I also have a little one who does not like vegetables. I hope that being part of the complete process: from seed to table- she will experience the goodness of the whole process and how muc h better they taste and learn about how much safer and healthier fresh grown are for you 🙂

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