Replacing the Grocery Store Challenge Day 7 – Prep Your Garden

Many of you who are taking this challenge have done all of the assignments and have your charts completed. You might even have your garden all laid out on paper(if not, I highly suggest you do this soon!).  But, when it comes to preparing your garden bed, your mind is drawing a blank.

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What does your soil need to grow healthy plants?

What does N, P and K mean?

What types of soil amendments are there and what are they good for?

How do you know what your soil needs?  Do you need a soil test?

How can you make garden beds without a tiller? 

What is the most sustainable way to start seeds indoors?
With this next assignment, consider it an extremely condensed gardening class that you can read and watch in  a short amount of time.  I am by no means a professional at gardening, but this is what I have learned in the 9 years I have been digging in the dirt!
Day 7 Assignment – Read the Gardening Prep series and try your hand at testing your own soil.
I shared the Garden Prep Week last March on my blog.  Now is a perfect time to take a crash course on what your garden needs for healthy soil and plants. Some amendments need to be applied at least a couple of weeks before planting time, so we need to be prepared.  You will also learn how to make soil blocks and how to double dig. 
Just click below and start learning!
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