Replacing the Grocery Store Challenge Day 12 – Make Your Own Homemade Cleaners and Disinfectants

For those who are working hard on getting your garden growing, the grocery challenge will be getting back to gardening soon!  It has been a cold spring for the most part, so many are a little late in getting their gardens ready and starting their seeds.
Not to worry!  There will be plenty of time for growing and soon we will be seeing the fruits of our labor.  In the mean time, I want to focus on things that we can make ourselves that aren’t necessarily food items.
Homemade cleaners have become very popular for the health and wallet conscience people.  I have not bought a cleaner from the store in around 10 years!  No joke!  I use a homemade antibacterial cleaner in place of almost everything.  It is my all purpose cleaner/antibacterial cleaner for the kitchen, bathroom and anything else that needs to be surface cleaned.
By not buying a cleaner that I remake once a month, I have saved around $420 in ten years, just from one cleaner!  That is figuring in an average cost of $3.50 per bottle of any brand of cleaner bought once a month.
I do not by toilet bowl cleaner, floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner, furniture polish(to be honest, I really do not polish my furniture!) and laundry detergent.
Day 12 Challenge – Skip the Cleaner Aisle by Making Your Own!
At Living Well Spending Less, there are 10 cleaners you can make with common ingredients.  She even has a recipe chart you can print out of all 10 cleaners!
I encourage you to try making your own!  It is so nice to by-pass the cleaner aisle all together at the store, knowing that I am saving money and making a cleaner, non toxic environment in my home.
Head on over to Living Well Spending Less and find out how easy it really is!
Although there is an all purpose cleaner listed above, there was not an antibacterial cleaner.  Here is my simple recipe for that(the one I have used for years).
Antibacterial Cleaner

spray bottle
dish soap(Dr. Bronners or Palmolive are my favorite)
tea tree oil
essential oil(optional)

Fill the bottle almost full of warm water.  Add three tablespoons of dish soap and 30 drops of tea tree oil.  If desired, add a few drops of essential oil.  Put the lid on the bottle and shake it up.  This works with cleaning raw meat juices too!
Here is a great idea for making homemade reusable antibacterial wipes.  I found this recipe over at My Merry Messy Life.
                       Homemade, All-Natural Disinfecting Wipes Tutorial
Happy safe and satisfying cleaning!  
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