Spring Basket Giveaway From Covenant Ranch Trucking for Azure Standard!

I’m sure most of you have heard of Azure Standard, but have you heard of Covenant Ranch Trucking?  They deliver the Azure products to their ever expanding midwest routes.  This company is owned by the wonderful Wood family of Kansas.  They, too, live on a farm and raise Katahdin sheep, Kinder goats, Jersey cows and chickens, all of which they market on their website here:

If you would like to learn more about Azure Standard, watch the video below.


Covenant Ranch Trucking delivers to the following states:

Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana(yippee!), Kentucky, Ohio, Iowa, Mississippi, Arizona, Maine, Wisconsin and Tennessee.

If your state is on here, but you would like to know where in particular the drop off points are, go here.  If you do not see your state, feel free to contact them here.
So, what is in this fabulous giveaway from Covenant Ranch Trucking?  First of all, you will get the Lasagna Gardening book that is jammed packed full of great gardening how-tos and advice on lasagna gardening techniques along with a plethora of other useful information.  
You will also get four gardening hand tools that are essential to every gardener’s tool supply.  These are very sturdy with wooden handles.
You will also get all of the heirloom seed packets you see below, which include; Winter Thyme, True Greek Oregano, Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce, Broadleaf Sage, Roman Chamomile and Onion Chives.
And as if that is not enough, what a great way to top off the giveaway with a sturdy pair of gardening gloves!
This is perfect to get you ready for your spring garden!  So, who’s in for the giveaway?  Simply enter at the Rafflecopter widget below.

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36 comments on “Spring Basket Giveaway From Covenant Ranch Trucking for Azure Standard!

  1. What a great giveaway! I have been wanting to read the Lasagna Gardening book and everything else would be awesome to have as well. I have a pair of the gloves (I'm a frequent Azure customer), but a second pair would sure be handy. 🙂

  2. Probabaly Milwaukee area, which is 2-3 hours away. Hoping they add to the northern, middle part of WI! :-).

  3. The closest drop off is almost 3 hours from me in Stevens Point. Maybe they will add northern Wisconsin in the future 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway! I would love to enter!

  4. I have been teaching myself how to garden over the course of the last few years. This is a great way to move me along in my adventure. Thanks for the great give away!

  5. Would love to buy from Azure, but there isn't a drop point in the South. A lot of families in Georgia and Alabama would benefit. Hey, I don't mind being one. Having the gifts from this giveaway would help my family in our pursuit of healthy eating.

  6. I love Azure. I was drop mgr for the first year and had to give it up because of my fibro. We love Covenant and their family are so awesome and helpful every step of the way. We are in Iowa…the Cedar Rapids drop. Awesome giveaway!

  7. Well, you mention Maine above but the listing does not have any Maine towns…I think the closest would be 2000miles away in Ohio? Maybe someday. Oh, I follow as Mickey Louth on fb. just so you know.

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