Replacing the Grocery Store Challenge Day 15 – Stretch Your Food for Two Weeks

I had mentioned before how this challenge would probably be the hardest for most.  Stretching our food is not very easy, but it is important to challenge ourselves in this area.  We live in a very comfortable country with convenience at almost every corner.  What would happen if you could not go to the grocery store unexpectedly for two weeks?

I’m not talking about going to the grocery store, then waiting two weeks before you go again.  I am talking about stretching your food for an additional two weeks, unprepared.  Do not stock up at the grocery store to compensate for these two weeks.  That would be cheating!

I have stretched our food many times, but just recently, I did this challenge unprepared.  This came rather unexpectedly, although I had wanted to do this for some time.  But, my grocery fund was taken away from me.  Here is what happened.

I had a Walmart account online for easy checkout when I order photos to send to family.  This account was hacked and someone had ordered hundreds of dollars worth of stuff with my debit card.  They even changed my account information!  I learned the hard way to never do that again!

Our bills had already been paid and we had some unexpected expenses to go along with the missing money. It would take awhile for the bank to check out the unauthorized purchases so that we could get reimbursed.  On top of that, we had the Memorial Day campout at our house this past weekend which means we would need a little extra money to prepare for it.  My last grocery shopping trip was cut short as well, which meant that there was not any food leftover from the last trip.

Talk about a tight couple of weeks!  This mama was a little nervous!  But, it also taught me that stretching the food that we have on hand can be done and we did not starve.  The children got a little cranky because we did not have any snacks and our fruit supply was depleted.  Our garden has not yet provided for us yet this year except for radishes and a few asparagus(only a second year harvest, so I did not want to eat them all).

We ran out of sugar, butter, fresh veggies, fruit, peanut butter, jelly, lunch meat, bread, pasta and rice among a few other items.  There were no snacks left and nothing to make snacks with.  Both of my mixers broke so I could not make large batches of bread for sandwiches or breakfast.

What I did have was plenty of goat’s milk and eggs, both from our farm.  We also had plenty of beef and homegrown pork.

That two week diet consisted of pretty much meat, eggs and milk.  I had a few frozen veggies left from last year and some homemade salsa and apple butter.  I found a good deal on bagels for quick breakfasts before this, so we had those for breakfast until we ran out, then we had oatmeal and popovers(flour, salt and milk) and of course eggs and sometimes sausage.

I made egg salad for lunch a few times, salmon patties from canned salmon, peanut butter and jelly until we ran out and leftovers.  If the kids got a little hungry, they would go out and grab a radish or two, sometimes I would pick an asparagus and just eat it raw, yum!

Dinner consisted of meat and a veggie, sometimes that veggie was just canned tomatoes mixed in with ground beef over rice(until we ran out!).  Needless to say, it was a low carb diet for those two weeks.

We would make shakes with goat’s milk, honey, ice cubes and cocoa for a little treat when we were hungry for something in between meals.

Although it wasn’t the most nutritious two week diet, I do not believe our health suffered in those two weeks!

I knew we could do it and to some that might not seem like a very long time.  To others it might seem impossible.  The whole idea here is to become more reliant on our own abilities and creativeness verses a trip to the grocery store.  We need to learn how to be a little uncomfortable to awaken those creative minds of ours!

Day 15 Challenge – Stretch Your Food for Two Weeks(Unprepared!)
I suggest that you go ahead and do it now if you are planning on going to the grocery store.  Just put off that grocery store for another two weeks!  If you just went to the store, don’t start until you are due to go again, then try this challenge.  You will be surprised at what you will find and make up on your own!
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5 comments on “Replacing the Grocery Store Challenge Day 15 – Stretch Your Food for Two Weeks

  1. I just did this last month! We usually go shopping the 1st week in the month. I wanted to get finished with school so decided to put it off for a couple of weeks. We didn't go until 17th. I usually have plenty of stuff but we did run very low on flour as the girls had been baking extra all month. And we had run to the feed store on the 4th. That's one bill I'd really like to eliminate!

  2. Due to a variety of reasons we have had to do this on occasion. It is really interesting to see what I can create. Some of those creations have stayed on our menu others were a one shot deal.

  3. I only go to the grocery store 5 to 6 times a year where I buy my staples in bulk…I garden, can, raise chickens and a couple hogs, buy milk from a gal down the road, my beef and lamb come from another neighbor and I manage a Farmers Market where the vendors give me all kinds of goodies! I make almost everything from scratch…I'm also the head cook for our school district! I make my cleaning products. My grown children call my house their grocery store!

  4. Well, I had just shopped when you posted this and was due to shop again yesterday. But, I paid bills and have $14 left (long story, huge pay cut this year, etc…) so I guess I will put this into practice now. 🙂 We have plenty of meat in the freezer, eggs from our chickens (and feed for them), and dry beans, lentils, and oats. A few frozen veggies and can harvest some chard and maybe one meal's worth of lettuce from the garden. I buy milk locally so will continue to get my one gallon a week. Here goes!

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