Replacing the Grocery Store Challenge Link Up!

Today is the first link up for all of you who are taking the Replacing the Grocery Store Challenge.  This has been an amazing journey and I can’t wait to see the results after harvest time!

Since gardening is coming around almost full swing, I will share with you what I have done so far in my garden.  Many of you do not have the space to plant as much as I have, so don’t feel as if you should be doing more.  Everyone will have different results with the challenge.

Okay, so far this is what I have planted:

1 50 ft row broccoli
1 50 ft row cauliflower
1 50 ft row cabbage
(I will triple that when I do my planting for fall)

15  50 ft rows of green beans and dry beans
8  50 ft rows of shell peas
4  50 ft rows of kale
1  50 ft rows of lettuce
3  50 ft rows of radishes
4  50 ft rows of spinach
4  50 ft rows of beets
2  50 ft rows of strawberries
2  40 ft rows of asparagus(last year’s planting)
4  50 ft rows of carrots
4  50 ft rows of peppers(jalapeno and paprika)
5  50 ft rows of tomatoes(Amish Paste)
3  50 ft rows of onions
9  50 ft rows of potatoes(early and storage)

30 x 50 ft area planted with hulless oats
5  50 ft rows of peas

6 established apple trees
8  2 year old apple trees
4  1 year old apple trees
2  2 year old almond trees
2  1 year old almond trees
4  1 year old cherry bushes
5  1 year old kiwi(cold hardy)
24  1 year old grapevines(lost most of mine last year to the drought)
1  huge Kieffer pear tree
3  blackberry bushes and many wild raspberry and blackberry bushes

I pretty much have all of my cool weather crops out and growing, although I will do some succession planting in a few days of some of the above vegetables.  I went ahead and transplanted my tomatoes and peppers seeing as how the weather forecast showed no frosts in the next 10 days.

But, I will not plant my warm weather crops until later next week.  They need warmer temps to germinate.

I will take a picture in a couple of weeks as most of my veggies are barely peaking through the soil.

So, now I want to see what you have been doing!  One of the great things about this challenge is learning from each other.  No matter how small or large your steps are in this challenge, we want to see what you are doing and learn from you!

Remember, this is only for those who are taking the Replacing the Grocery Store Challenge!

For those who are sharing, please link back to Our Simple Farm.

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3 comments on “Replacing the Grocery Store Challenge Link Up!

  1. I was giggling when I read your post and a little jealous. We live in deep South Texas and our broccoli has already bolted and going to seed. Our broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, and sweet pea season is over. 🙁 We look forward to the fall when we can plant these items again. Now, we head into the heat knowing okra, southern peas, egg plant, corn, and melons are coming soon. Tomatoes are touchy since it gets so incredibly hot. Enjoy your garden!!! We live in town at this time and have two plots in our backyard that are about 16X16, we have a 24×4 spot on the side of our house, and a smaller, 10×4 spot for tomatoes. Our peach tree has yet to be fruitful…my friend who planted the same tree at the same time has about 15 peaches…I don't think I have the "touch". We had an apple tree that looks like a toilet bowl scrubber now after our lab puppy (at the time) tore off all the fruit and the limbs… Good luck!!!

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