Replacing the Grocery Store Day 16 – Use Those Mulberries!

There are so many things I overlook that could play a part in replacing the grocery store.  Mulberries are one of them.  Many people are turned off by the stem on the mulberry.  We like to eat them from the tree, but would not particularly like the texture of them for making preserves.
As I looked at all of the mulberries we have, probably around at least five trees, I realized that these scrumptious berries could be made into jelly by using only the juice.  I have a juicer, but I could also heat them up in water, then crush and strain the juice.
I did some research on this, and found recipes for mulberry jelly, but I also wanted to find out about canning just the juice.  I did not find a whole lot on that, but did find that I can add one cup of sugar to one gallon of juice and water bath can them for 15 minutes.
Taking this challenge myself has really opened my eyes to using things that I do not normally harvest or make.  I have become more creative in my way of thinking.  I hope you are too!
With all of these mulberries, I am really hoping I can cut down on buying jelly.  I have run out of homemade jam from last year a long time ago!  My strawberries, grapes and cherries are still in the infant stage, so I will not be able to harvest those until next year, possibly the following year.  So, I see this as a great alternative.
Plus, they are supposed to be really good for you.  Thanks to Exhibit Health for this info!
Health Benefits of Mulberries
Day 16 Challenge Assignment – Make Mulberry Juice or Jam
I have to admit, I have yet to do this challenge, but I plan on using this same recipe below to make jelly.  I am also planning on canning the juice.  I have added a few more ideas for you to ponder on and possibly use.
If you do not have any mulberry trees, chances are a friend of yours does.  More than likely they will not harvest the berries, and you can always give them a few jars of jam, jelly, etc. for the use of their tree.
If you have any mulberry canning recipes, please share!
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6 comments on “Replacing the Grocery Store Day 16 – Use Those Mulberries!

  1. I just picked our first mulberries of the season here. We have been calling them blackberries. Are they the same? We had very few last few years due the horrible drought and animals. This year, we have a lot. I got about five cups this evening, so I hope I have time to make jelly with them tomorrow. I have been waiting since we first moved here four years ago to be able to make it!

  2. I don't really like jelly but I don't want all those mulberries to go to waste. I've been making juice and putting it into ice cube trays. I have used them in smoothies and those are good. My husband will put a small amount of the juice in his bread, in place of some of the liquid. I hope someone has good suggestions.

  3. No mulberries in my neck of the woods. I manage a farmers market and asked around…not one berry to be found …lots of stories about them, but most trees have been cut down…too messy.

  4. Thanks for this post! I have a Mulberry tree in my front yard. The first year it gave fruit I snapped a twig off and ran over to the enviromental agency and had them tell me what it was because I didn't want my kid to eat the berries and keel over (^_^). I tried to make a pie but all those little stems were still in there. I can't wait to try some of these recipes. I hate wasting the fruit.

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