Standlee Product Review!

Standlee Hay

As a small farmer and somewhat of a frugal one(or should I simply say ‘cheap’), I know how hard it is to keep horses and dairy goats weight on, especially through the winter.  Dairy does in milk are naturally on the slim side, but sometimes they get a little too thin, so we up the hay and grain.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Our two mares, a horse and a pony, seem to have the same problem through the winter.  We can’t afford to buy top of the line hay and high dollar feed for the horses and goats.  So, when a Standlee representative contacted me about doing a review, I jumped at the chance to try out their products.

Come to find out, I had used Standlee products before.  We had run out of hay and no one had any available, so we bought Standlee Alfalfa Cubes and Alfalfa Pellets.

I chose to use the same products mentioned above along with the Standlee Beet Pulp Pellets.  These are made from sugar beets.
Premium Alfalfa Cubes - 40 Lb. Bag
Let’s start with the alfalfa cubes.  The horses really liked the cubes, and it came in handy when hay was low or when taking the horses to a 4-H workshop where we sometimes do not have enough room to load hay.

These cubes are a high protein source of energy but low in sugar.  They are easily digested and easy to feed.  For animals with dental issues, the cubes can be soaked.

The cubes worked great for the horses, but I do not recommend them for goats as it was a little bit too big for their little mouths.  I’m sure you could soak them and soften them up.  But, I think the alfalfa pellets are best for the goats.

The cost is reasonable and when you are in a bind, it is a great alternative to hay.  I would recommend this product.

Certified Alfalfa Pellets - 40 Lb.The alfalfa pellets are used quite a bit here.  Not only are they a great source of digestible energy, they are easier to eat for both the horses and the goats.  These pellets also increase the milk supply in our goats, and help maintain weight on the mares.

The goats love them especially and sometimes we give them straight alfalfa pellets when we milk.  They lap it up hungrily just as much as if it were grain.  We sometimes use these pellets for the mares as an added bonus(the horses are pastured).

It is not recommended that you replace hay forage solely with the pellets for a long period of time.  But, when you are in a bind and there is no hay, it works fine until hay is available.

The horses need 1-2% of their body weight.  Say you have a 1000 lb horse and he does not need to gain weight, then you would feed 10 lbs of pellets a day.  We use it a little bit differently as our horses and goats are pastured during the day and come in at night with hay available.  So, we use this as an added supplement to their feed.

Standlee Alfalfa Pellets have become a low cost way to supplement our goats and horses with high quality alfalfa.

Premium Beet Pulp Shreds - 25 Lb.Standlee Beet Pulp Pellets are another staple here.  Again, the horses and goats love them and beet pulp is great when you want your animals to fill out and put on some weight.

As I had mentioned above, we sometimes substitute Standlee products in place of grain.  A great combo is the alfalfa pellets and beet pulp.  This picture is a bag of the beet pulp shreds which we did not use.

The goat’s milk supply did increase along with their weight.  In fact, I have considered to switching over completely to alfalfa pellets with the beet pulp added in instead of grain.  It is hard to find a good quality grain that is affordable.  Many goat feeds are medicated which I cannot stand!  This is a great alternative.

Standlee Hay Company has many great products at a reasonable price.  I highly recommend them as they are natural, convenient, tasty and increase and/or maintain weight, increase milk supply and reasonable priced.

You do not have to travel far to find a Standlee products.  Pretty much every farm store will have the alfalfa cubes, pellets and beet pulp along with other products.

Great product!