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I love seeing my shelves fill up with canned goods made from my own homegrown veggies.  It is quite exciting!  Right now, I am canning green beans.  Tomorrow, my children and I will go elderberry picking and make elderberry syrup before the upcoming flu season is upon us.  If I have enough, I plan on making elderberry jam as well.

It is a busy time, but a satisfying time, knowing that I am helping my family’s health and becoming less reliant on the grocery store!

Now for the link up!

I’m always excited to see what you all have to share!  My simple rules are:
  Link your post(s) back to Our Simple Farm and please read some of the other wonderful posts that everyone else has linked.  And, of course, keep it family friendly.
You can post as many as you want.  

Ideas include anything having to do with homesteading, biblical living, sustainable farming, bartering, income ideas, homemaking, homeschooling, DIY projects, recipes, gardening, frugal ideas and anything else you think would fit!  I would love for you to grab my button too!

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