The First Wedding on our Farm

My husband and I were honored to have a wedding here on the farm a couple of weeks ago.  The wonderful young couple go to our church and they dream of having their own farm one day.  So, where else can you have a wedding when you dream of farming?  A church with the same ole’ decor?  Eh, no.  How about the great outdoors with the bride coming down the aisle on horseback!  Now we’re talkin’!

If you are thinking about farm wedding ideas for the future, I am sure some of these pictures will inspire you!  In fact, while my dear friends and I were decorating, we were tucking away ideas in our heads for our children’s future weddings!

Let’s start out with the attire.

How about the groom and his gang dressed in cowboy hats, cowboy shirts and vests with wild flowers and a feather for each boutonniere? 

The bride’s main wedding color was blue.  A mixture of wild flowers that we cut and some store bought flowers were used for the bouquets.  
This was no traditional wedding, which is why I believe it was the funnest wedding most had ever attended.  At least that’s what I keep hearing!
Let’s move on to the decor!

The bride wanted just hay bales for seating.  We covered these with a see-through fabric and tied the ends with baling twine.  Along the aisle we threw in some fake wildflowers to give it a little bit more color. Before I go on, let me give credit where credit is due.  The groom’s mother and the bride came up with most of the decor ideas and we just put them all together.


We had small shepherd’s hooks along the aisle with homegrown flowers in mason jars hung from them.  This really added to the country charm and gave splashes of color here and there.
We also hung the mason jars in trees and on other shepherd’s crooks by the bridge where their vows were taken and around the decorative pond behind the bridge.
Fans were made by the groom’s mother, which loosely laid out the agenda in country lingo.  These were laid on the bales of hay so that everyone had one and could also fan themselves if need be.  It was a little bit toasty, but not unbearable.

This cute little set up was the sign in desk.  You will notice a basket of wrapped up chicken feed to the left. The bride and groom decided they wanted chicken feed thrown at them when they reentered on Tigger, our big pony.  Oh and did I mention the bride bought this table for a dollar?

The ceremony….
The couple said their vows on the bridge, and instead of their backs being turned to the audience, they built stairs so that the pastor could stand a little lower, facing them.  That way, we could see their expressions.  

Notice our ducks quietly taking a swim during the ceremony.  It added to the peaceful setting!  We had a few chickens wondering around right outside of the wedding area.  There was a rooster there and I would have been horrified if he tried to ‘catch a hen’ during the ceremony!  You know, not everyone was country folk there!  But, thankfully he behaved himself.

The little flower girl was not a flower girl, but a ‘feather gal.’  How cute it was to see her shyly toss the feathers down the aisle for her big sister to come down on!
Our Haflinger, Tigger, was getting ready to take the bride down the aisle.  I added some strawflower to his mane and tail.  He didn’t mind, but I could tell he was a little humiliated!

I got a little teary eyed when I watched the bride’s father lead her down the aisle.

Once the ceremony was over, they both mounted Tigger and rode off in the field together, with the violinist playing to add that special touch.
And then, they come back through the driveway….
This was the time to throw the chicken feed.  My son lead Tigger through the cheering crowd, talking gently in his ear telling him that it was okay and there really was no need to bolt.  Tigger looked a little unsure, but he did fine.
Now for the food and table decor….

 Candle holders were glued to vintage plates and were the centerpieces for each table

It’s funny how we used a lot of burlap and twine.  So nontraditional but I absolutely loved it!

I just love these cowbells!  Aren’t they adorable?
The food consists of pulled pork, fried chicken, watermelon, green beans with bacon, corn and barbeque chips.  The ladies from my church made the side dishes.
Here are some of the sweetest ladies I know!  From the left is Chris(groom’s godmother), me, Rhonda(Walking with Sarah), June(A Wise Woman Builds Her Home) and Annie.  I didn’t get all of the wonderful church ladies in this pictures, but they helped out so much along with their families.  Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters all chipped in and contributed to making this an extra special wedding!
And then there was the dancing!  English line dancing!
My son doing a jig with one of the wonderful wedding photographers, Mackenzie(Mackenzie Hope Photography).
My little Savannah, looking extra happy she got to dance with her daddy!  And the love is so evident in the bride’s eyes!

 Two of mine having a giggling good time!

Notice the glassy-eyed smile of mine?  Well, about that time I was overdone, whipped, exhausted, ready to keel over any minute.  But wait, my son asked me to dance with him.  How can I refuse?

 I am sure these two will have wonderful memories of their extra special wedding.  Everyone had a great time and although it about killed us physically(maybe mentally too?) it was worth it!  Oh yes, this will happen again here, but give me a year or two…

These wonderful photos were taken by Sarah from Essie Jane Photography, Mackenzie from Mackenzie Hope Photography, and Naomi Fuentes(daughter of June from A Wise Woman Builds Her Home).  I encourage you to take a look at their blogs and see their amazing work!  You can also find Essie Jane Photography on Facebook!

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  1. This is so beautiful and wonderful!! Congratulations to the happy couple! Thank you for posting and sharing the happy day with all of us! This occasion depicts to me everything that is good about God and America. Everyone looks so united and happy representing what community/family is all about. We take care of each other! Blessings to all and again, thank you for sharing your amazing lives.

  2. Gosh. I totally love being a city girl, but this wedding really makes me wish I could've had a simple farm wedding. Just beautiful, all around, and part of what makes it so is this couple's community sharing their talent and treasures with them.

  3. This is to cute. I've always wanted to have an outdoor wedding really similar to this. What a sweet day for a young couple. Thanks for sharing the photos. I also really liked the bride's veil, too 🙂 Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

  4. Oh wow, this wedding looks outstanding. Everything was just perfect. I really liked your farm. It is perfect for a grand wedding ceremony. We also have been finding such spacious LA event venues for our special day. I am sure that I would find one soon.

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