Replacing the Grocery Store Challenge Day 21 – Make Your own Condiments

Condiments.  You can’t live without ’em, but boy, can they add up at the grocery store.  Making our own condiments is pretty easy, so why do we revert to the grocery store instead?  Convenience.  Plain and simple.

I have included three websites that I’m sure you will find at least one to your liking.  When we think of all the condiments that we buy, it can get a little overwhelming to think about making every single one.  May I suggest starting out with just one or two?  Some of these I would never buy at the store, so I have not made those in particular.

If you buy a lot of mayonnaise, that would be a good, simple one to start out with, hint, hint.

So, here you go.  Have fun checking out all of the wonderful recipes.  I got a little excited when I first laid my eyes on What’s Cooking America’s site.  It’s the little things, people.

Have at ’em.

For the basic condiment recipes, go here:

For more exotic recipes, go here:

And, if you want the mother load of condiments, go here:

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