Free Christmas Break/Winter Printable Planner

Many of us homesteaders still have a spouse working full-time.  Although our dream is to make a full-time income off of the farm one day, it takes time.  Time…..

Whose got the time?  We sure don’t and sometimes I am just ready to drop all extra activities just so we can devote 100% of our time to the farm.  But, with five children, that 100% is usually around 50% or less.  Not good.  My husband and I have been assessing this situation to see how we can up that percentage.  But, in the meantime, we use our Christmas break to get caught up on the farm.
I encourage those who are in the same boat to plan now for what needs to get done over break.  My husband gets two weeks off and we do not plan for any out-of-town trips during this time.  That way, we can get much-needed things done around the farm.
This doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy our time together or go have some fun here or there, but we do keep it simple.  Besides, getting caught up here is actually enjoyable and my husband would much rather work here than in the corporate world.
I encourage you to write down everything that needs to get done.  Don’t worry about over-commitment or having too many things on the list.  Not only will you be prioritizing your to-do list, you will set manageable goals for Christmas break only.  What you don’t get done will be set aside for future breaks or weekend projects.
 I love checking off my to-do list projects.  It brings peace and satisfaction and makes me want to shout hallelujah! 
What do we have planned you might be asking?  Here is our list in no particular order:
1.  Clean out goat area and extend an area in the barn for the goats to have more room.
2.  Butcher old hens.
3.  Make more soap and lotion for upcoming show.
4.  Build chicken tractor. 
Our next step is prioritizing these projects.  This is kind of fun, because we can fit the pieces together, kind of like a puzzle.  
Because I can make soap in the evening, I put that as number two.  Our top priority is the goat barn. Our freezer is jam-packed so butchering hens can be pushed back a little. We need the chicken tractor built so that our pasture can be built up over the winter.  We are planning on raising a feeder calf and need our sandy pasture more plush, so building a chicken tractor will be number three.  We can put the old hens in the tractor until we are ready to butcher.
Here is our prioritized list:
1.  Clean out goat area and extend an area in the barn for the goats to have more room.
2.  Make more soap and lotion for upcoming show.
3.  Build chicken tractor.
4.  Butcher old hens.
Granted, this is a short list, but each project takes a good bit of time, especially number one.
I have made a homestead Christmas break planner that you can download and print.  It might help you stay organized with your to-do list and break it down so you will not be overwhelmed.  It can also be used as a winter planner and for goal-setting.
Click on this link to download and print your free copy!
For Microsoft Word document click below:
For PDF document click below:
Happy planning, prioritizing and doing!

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